Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I dunno if that’s the proper term.
When I was younger, I was interested in the newest, most modern “whiz bang” products.
As I have aged, 40 this summer guys, I have found a lot of my likes and focus’s… focii?… have shifted to older, simpler, “more common” things.
My carry firearms are 1911s and revolvers.
My favorite rifle has morphed into an “old fashioned” lever action firing a 138 year old cartridge.
In vehicles I find myself with a growing dislike of anything with a computer.
I find myself looking at homes with land, a well, nicely forested for firewood, away from civilization.

I guess I yearn for a simpler time.
And yes, I know that “the good old days” may not have been so good when observed with the modern eye.

I want to get away from my job, flying and driving all over North America, and have the chance to develop my “homestead” and my relationships.
Relationships with family, both traditional and the family I choose.

I desire to walk out into my wooded property, hunt game, fill the freezers, cultivate my land…
Eat food that has not been tainted with the “benefits” of modern science.
Live more like I feel people were intended to live.

Some people may look at this as abnormal, perhaps a few bricks shy of a full load.
That is fine, I dont live for others… only for my self and my appointed family.

If this makes me strange, its a badge I will wear with pride.



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