Life happens…

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Life takes you in directions you dont expect… when you least expect it.

My wife and I had been discussing moving to Missouri for the past year or 2… my buddy out there had even found a possible house for us.

We had decided to move there this summer.

Just over 2 weeks ago I got a call from my manager, offering me the chance to go from being a contractor… to an actual company employee.

No reduction in hourly, decent benefits, company vehicle… pretty damn good offer.

Drawback, I have to live within 100 miles/2 hours of Philly.

Now, to be honest, I hate Philly.

OK, I pretty much hate ALL larger cities… I’m a small town out in the country kind of guy.

Last week Caryn and I took a couple of days and ran up to Pa to look around.

We left with a place to move to.

A smaller town of under 5,000 within the time/distance constraints.

We found it on our second day there, it was more like a day and a half… we left on Wednesday morning and were back home for supper Thursday night.

I am rather proud of her for finding our place so soon.

SO, here I sit… in Atlanta.

Home for 2 days next weekend, off to Penn State for a week… and not sure on the next trip home.

This sets the stress of moving on the shoulders of my wonderful wife.

We… ok.. SHE, has till the end of April to get our household ready to load into a truck for the 6 hour trip north.

So… yet again I am uprooting our family following my job.

Not many women would stay with me thru all of this BS.

OK, not many women would stay with me in general… I HAVE been divorced twice after all.

But yea… 1 phone call and the plans made take a 180* and she just rolls with it.

I guess this has turned into a post about her… but thats OK, she deserves every good thing that can be said about her.

She keeps me straight and headed down the right path… and thats not an easy job.





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