Zombies? Really now…

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have had a few people see the reading material I have… some of the websites I visit…

They Ask, “do you SERIOUSLY think there will be a Zombie Apocalypse?”

I just have to smile at them.

Do I believe that I may one day have to fight off hoards of the walking dead… shooting them in the head before they can injure me and turn me into a walking corpse?


I, and many others, look at the ZA scenario as a fun way to prepare for potential hard times to come.

A natural disaster… flood, earthquake, volcano blast, tornado, extender ice storm, etc.

Social breakdown… civil unrest, economic collapse, fuel shortage, etc.

Our country being invaded… however unlikely, this one is self explanatory.

You prepare to survive in a world with no gvmt, no police, no military, no structure what so ever, no money, no stores, almost no people you can trust, dead people trying to eat you… and you stand a lot better chance of surviving whatever gets thrown your way.

You have a BOB, bug out bag, with a few things that you need at the ready and you can get out of the house with what you may need and save valuable time if there is something bad coming your way.

Many people have off road vehicles with supplies stored ready to roll out.

Others have massive quantities of food, water, medical supplies stored up to “bug in”… or ride out whatever happens at home or in an outlying location.

“What about zombies?”

The people who dont prepare are the Zombies.

The ones who have enough food to get thru till next monday.

The ones without any medical supplies.

The ones who wont last 3 weeks if the system goes to pot.

They will be the looters.

The ones trying to break in and take the food, water, medical supplies from those who were prepared.

Thats where the guns come in.

There Zombies cant be allowed to take what isnt theirs.

Take what the people who thought ahead stored up.

These people will also be willing to kill to get it.

It is the job of we the prepared to make sure that we, and our families/loved ones make it thru what comes.

It is also our job to make sure the unprepared do nothing to hinder that.



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