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As a society we have become a people that looks down on wear.

You are perceived thru your possessions.

As such, society judges you at a glance.

Your car has a chip in the paint… fill it. If you still see it, respray that panel.

Your truck has a scratch or dent, time for the body shop.

Heaven forbid that you try and sell it that way… potential buyers will point it out as a hallmark of misuse and ill repair.

Your jeans are fading in the knees and seat? Time to toss em and buy new.

Shoes scuffed or stained? Yea… those will be going also.

My vehicles have road wear,

Stone chips, parking lot dings, front bumper slightly misaligned from hitting a few deer. We DRIVE them.

My pants have fade in the wear areas, my boots have scuffs. I work for a living… I crawl around, get in and out of vehicles, climb on stuff.

I carry a handgun daily, unless in a regulated area that I could go to jail for it if I get caught.

OK, I carry more often than that… I am just careful not to get caught.

As a person who cycles his sidearms in and out of holsters, my guns get wear.

I know many people who will shop for guns… and look at the used ones to try and get more bang for their buck.

Almost universally, they will skip right over one that doesn’t look brand new.

I guess I am a strange person, I look at wear on items as a sign of character.

It tells me something about the object or person that owned it.

I find an old S&W Highway Patrolman with muzzle and cylinder wear to be beautiful.

I look at the same gun that looks like it just shipped from Springfield with sadness.

One was carried, trusted, had adventures and experiences.

The other was looked at and locked away.

I also look at women very similarly.

I like a few scars on a woman.

She skinned her knee as a kid riding her bike.

She got a cut on her arm climbing over/thru a barbed wire fence.

Her nose may be a little crooked or humped because some guy grabbed her rump and she just didnt put up with it… and somehow it escalated into a brawl.

Character… she lived and had fun.

She has stories to tell.

I had a 74 Trans Am that went from a beautiful red to a rattle can black paint job… by my father at 4AM… because I was young and impulsive and showed my ass with it a little too much in an area I shouldnt have.

I have stories.

I LOVE stories.

I learned more while gaining my stories than I ever did in school.

I like my things to be like me. Imperfect, used, a few miles on them… with a few blemishes that were well earned.

Now, there is a difference between wear and abuse.

Me and a few of my things have had the marks of abuse. As a rule those can be fixed.

Sometimes they cant… I walk with a slight limp from some of it.

Generally I heal when I abuse myself, the objects on the other hand dont have that luxury… so I tend to be more careful with them.

What am I rambling about? Who knows… I just couldnt sleep and figured emptying my thoughts may help.

But the next time you are at the local gun shop… dont just skip over the older things that have a few miles on them.

That old revolver with some missing finish, pick it up and look it over.

Cycle the action, look at how the wear patterns are.

Think about how they got there.

Listen to it, see if it has a story to tell you.

You may leave with it… and a smile.


  1. Charlie Mitchell says:

    Good Blog.

    Trans Am, eh ?
    I started wearing seatbelts while I had my ’77 Trans Am in my 20s.
    I did it so I could pull corners faster without having to hang onto the seat.
    Yep, I started wearing seatbelts so I could drive even more recklessly.

    And to think I’m a Dad now and wear a helmet while I ride my bike with my daughter.
    Because I can’t tell her to wear one and not wear one myself.
    Bike helmets – Invented by the same guy who invented the word “dork”.

    Marlin 45-70… Woo Hoo !

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