The right tool for the job…

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most people that know me well, know that I carry a hand gun.

I am a big guy… 6’4″ 270 lbs.

Being a larger guy, I dont have trouble concealing a larger sidearm on an average day.

My carry guns are 1911s, S&W N frames, and Taurus 445 .44 specials for pocket carry.

Like I said… on an average day, not much issue carrying those.

Good holsters, a good belt, proper cover garments, and attention to how you move cover a multitude of evils.

However… there are times I have to be a bit more… how would you say… “discrete”.

I wont go into when, where, or why… just that I have to either seriously conceal or go without from time to time.

Like many people who carry, I REALLY dont like to go without.

So, I have been pondering a pocket gun, a hide out gun, a deep concealment gun.

I had figured I would end up with a Kel Tec P3AT, Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP… something in this class.

Caryn and I were killing some time today, taking a break from the house.

We are moving to Pa this weekend.

While out for a drive I swung into one of the local gun shops.

The only micro class pistol they had there was the Taurus TCP.For those who dont know what a TCP is… here is a link.

So, after fondling it… I decided to make no judgments till I fondled the rest it is comparable to.

I am ALL about the fondling.

We jump into the Ramcharger and head about 35 miles up the road to a shop I deal with a little bit.

This shop is where we picked up my Delta Elite and Caryn’s Marlin 1895 SBL.

The Delta had a few important attributes. It was a first gen lower production number, it was in GREAT shape, and… well… it was right there in front of me.

I picked it up for a little below what I had seen them selling for.

Caryns .45-70, we got it for a little bit below marked price.

These guys always have ammo when we need to actually buy it.

So yea, they are all right in my book.

We went to the counter and asked to see the TCP, Ruger LCP, and Kel Tec P3AT.

I spent a while pawing them, stuffing them in my pocket… hidden modeling them.

I have to be honest, all of them disappeared in my front pocket.

These are amazing deep concealment pistols.

They are TINY.

And there lies the problem.

They just dont work with my mitts.

Good guns, but they just dont work with me.

When advising people new to hand guns I stress proper fit.

If it doesnt fit, it will not be comfortable to shoot.

It also makes it harder to hit with.

If you dont like to shoot it and cant hit your target… then why would you carry it.

I am not going to go against one of the prime things I preach to people.

I remembered that Huey, see his blog in my blog roll to the left, had praised the Ruger LC9.

The LC9 is a larger version of the LCP, it comes in 9mm instead of .380… I carry .4X bore side arms normally… I would be much happier with the parabellum over the kurz.

So, I asked to see the LC9, Kel Tec PF9, and the Taurus 709 Slim.

Didnt care for the Taurus, cant really put my finger on why right now… sometimes you pick up a gun that just isnt “you”.

I had the LC9and PF9 sitting there with about $90 difference between them… the LC9 being the more expensive of the 2.

These 2 pistols are VERY similar, “Brothers from another Mother” if you will.

The Ruger felt better to me, so… I was close to, if you will forgive the saying, pulling the trigger on it.

One of the guys behind the counter says “Hold on a sec”, and heads into the back.

I always have to grin when one of the shop guys has an idea and takes off.

This tells me they actually think and dont just hand over stuff that people point at in the case.

He comes back with a small plastic box, inside is a Kel Tec P11.

This was really the first time for me handling any of these pistols… being a big bore steel gun guy.

He locks the slide back, drops the mag, and hands it over to me.

I wrap my fingers around the grip, drop the slide… and a smile creeps across my face.

The P11 is VERY close in size to the previous 2, as in fractions of an inch dimensionally.

However the grip is thicker. I finally felt like I had a gun in my hand instead of a toy.

A small and light gun… but an actual gun.

I look at the magazine, and it holds 10 rounds. The previous 2 held 7 in the mag.

If I am not going to be carrying a larger caliber round, I want as many rounds of that smaller caliber as I can get… within reason.

You dont pocket conceal a 33 round mag.

The salesman who grabbed the P11 from the back said “Let me see that pistol”.

I handed it back and he held up a S&W 59 series 15 round magazine.

He slid it in the P11 and *click*, it latched in like it was made for it.

This is because it was. Kel Tec designed the P11 to use the S&W magazines.

I stood there grinning.

I had found the pistol that fit my pocket, fit my budget, carried 11 rounds concealed with 15 in a back up mag.

Half a box of ammo… nicely hidden away.

So, Caryn puts it on layaway… not wanting to spend much money since we are heading up to pa Sunday.

If you had asked me a short time ago, I would have laughed if you suggested that I would have been buying a “plastic mouse gun”.

However, I dont consider myself a dumb person.

For every job you need to perform, there is more than likely a proper tool to do that job.

I can drive a nail with a pipe wrench, but a hammer works much better.

Very soon I will possess the hammer I need to do the job at hand.

Another tool for the tool box.

Ask any guy… its HARD to have too many tools.



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