A new rifle?

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

As a gun guy, I am always looking for the next gun.

I here from a lot of people, “You already have a lot of guns…why do you need more?”

Here is where people get it wrong. “Need”

For some people firearms serve specific purposes.

Some people are hunters, they only own firearms to harvest game or get trophies for the wall.

Some people only have firearms for self defense.

Some people use them for target shooting or competition.

A few own them for use on their jobs.

Others just like to collect them like coins or stamps.

Every now and then you run across people who fall into multiple categories.

I am one of those people.

I have firearms for home protection and self defense, I own them for hunting, I love taking them to the range and  shooting up targets.

I own more than a handful of guns, yet I dont consider myself a collector.

I dont officially carry a firearm for work.

But, back to my opening statement… I am always looking for the next gun.

Maybe one that I have always wanted, to fill a niche I dont have yet, perhaps I saw one and it just made me grin.

I have quite a few arms that can fill many roles, however they all share one thing in common.

They were all made to sell to the masses, or for use by the masses.

I do not have one made for “Me”.

I want an arm that was, start to finish, built to be mine.

I have 2 options for this.

I can fumble thru building it myself, or I can leave the build in the hands of a professional.

I am honestly looking into both options.

I want a QUALITY rifle, and I wouldnt mind it being in a nonstandard cartridge.

I am thinking an AR10-SR25 kind of rifle.

Semi auto and able to pack a decent punch.

It also helps that Joe at Crusader Weaponry builds an amazing rifle called a Broadsword.

Each Broadsword is built to the customers exact specs… a custom rifle.

The standard chambering is a .308, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

We already have a couple of .308 rifles, and I am set up to reload .308.


I wouldnt mind something a little different.

I have my .300 Winchester Magnum for reaching way out there if I need to.

I want a hard hitting, fairly flat shooting rifle.

For me, that says I want a caliber larger than .30.

Since the Broadsword was developed as a .308, the easy thing to do would be to look at larger bore rounds based off of the .308.

This leads to 2 production rounds, the .338 Federal or the .358 Winchester.

These are both AMAZING rounds.

The .338 federal is a newer round, introduced in 2006, and is gathering a following of its own.

The .358 winchester was released in 1955, and is only 3 years younger than the .308.

I know… you have never heard of the .358.

In most peoples eyes, if it isnt popular… it must not be very good.

With this round, you couldnt be further from the truth.

Now, there is only 1 big manufacturer making ammo… and only 1 loading in that ammo.

However, I load my own ammo.

With properly loaded ammo, the .358 Win steps out of the shadows and into the light.

I like the .35 caliber… I like it a lot.

A properly loaded .358 can take pretty much any animal in North America.

It also doesnt recoil like one of the big magnums.

It is a seriously nice cartridge that has fallen thru the cracks.

I have also discovered a wildcat round that I really like… the .375 Jaguar.

It is a .308 necked up to .375… becoming a .375-08.

This gives big bore power in a package that will fit in rifles that chamber the common .308 round.

Now, yesterday, while doing my .308 wildcat research I managed to somehow stumble over a thread on We The Armed started by George Hill… AKA The Mad Ogre.

In it he was advocating chambering a Broadsword in .375 caliber.

His idea was to take a .300 SAUM, Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum, and blow it out to .375.

This new round would be christened .375 Ogre.

A .375 cal 270 gr round running at 2600 fps.

This is only around 100 fps slower than the venerable and MUCH respected .375 Holland & Holland Magnum.

This is African big game power in an AR platform.

I am almost stunned.

I dont mind the idea of loading my own ammo, or not being able to buy it in stores.

I love the idea of a true semiauto magazine fed rifle that will take down anything I point it at.

I may have the direction I wish to travel… the question is, am I willing to go all in to get what I want.


  1. zacharyhill says:

    Could a DI system handle that or would that have to be custom made as well. I’m intrigued by the idea as well.

  2. Evil One says:

    Well, the .308 operates at 62,000 psi.
    The .300 SAUM is at 65,000 psi.
    Not a lot of difference there, but I dont know what they are planning on the .375 operating at… possibly a little less.


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