My favorite…

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


We all have favorites.

They may not be the most practical, the prettiest, or what others would judge to be the best selection for whatever random application comes up.

Caryn and I own a few handguns.

Semi autos, revolvers, black powder…

Big ones, small ones, shiny new looking ones… ones that have the look of age and use.

I have a .38 super that I will never get rid of, it has high sentimental value… and minimal monetary worth.

However my favorite is a mostly unheard of older wheel gun.

She came over from Spain in the 1980s.

While not a super model or traditional stunner, she has a beauty all her own.

She isnt long and lean, doesnt have a pedigree that people instantly recognize.

She isnt cheap to feed and likes big meals.

What is she?

She is my Astra Terminator .44 Magnum.

Short barreled, blued, no fancy wood grips.

She is all business.

I love to carry her, the weight of a large frame revolver is very comforting to me.

The chambering is in one of my favorite cartridges.

For the uninitiated, she is somewhat intimidating.

Big, heavy, but also short and stumpy.

The large hole at the end of the barrel… and 6 gaping pits of destruction in the cylinder send a message.

When a person of ill intent looks at the business end, those holes look like sewer pipes… that are just large enough to unleash the depths of Hell out of.

She bucks, barks, snorts, and belches flame.

I love her.

She suits me, and I shoot her well.

I clean her and care for her, and she sits quietly by and is ready at a moments notice to defend my family.

She is like a good old dog, without the shedding.

She is special, I have only seen 1 other like her in person.

She is a sexy Minx, and I need to get some new leather for her to slide into.

The fit to my hand is as if she was custom made for me.

I can take my time and shoot at distance, or empty the cyl on a close target as fast as I can pull the trigger… she is acceptably accurate either way.

She is my favorite… and I dont see her going away.




  1. She is very pretty. and reminds me of my S&W .38 snubby, that I love dearly.

  2. Evil One says:

    The S&W snubbies are a work of art, I have had 2 S&W 629 snubby .44s and they were both amazing.


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