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Is being prepared becoming more main stream?

Once preparedness was looked upon as something those crazy anti government conspiracy wack jobs did.

Everyone heard about them… they hid guns, ammunition, food, jars of money…

Fortunately, being prepared seems to have lost that stigma.

You hear ads on the radio suggesting that you buy freeze dried foods.

You go to various open air markets and you can find many different kinds of canned food, intended for long term storage.

Including BACON.

Yes, Bacon… in a can… that can be tucked away for years.

On TV I have seen people on a coupon clipping show who have a basement FULL of canned foods.

Not in case Zombies come, not in case the country gets invaded… but because they can afford it and they see that in this economy anyone could end up without a job tomorrow.

And that is something to look at.

If you can afford a few more cans of food when you go shopping, grab them and put them aside when you get home.

It COULD get your family thru till you are back in the work force.

At the very least, you will have something for the day you open the cupboard and think “Damn… I need to run to the store and grab something for supper.

You can go to your stash and grab something there, and replace it… and grab a spare… the next time you DO have to head for the store.

If a natural disaster happens, your road to town… to the store, gets destroyed.

You have food to tough it out till help gets to you, or you can get out.

Those crazy people who had all that stuff hidden away in their basement dont seem so crazy now, do they?

Another side of being prepared is being ready to take off at a moments notice.

This brings me to something that surprised me.

Today I was in an Albany NY area Home Depot… and what to my amazement did I see?

“Bug out bags”

Backpacks with food, water, and some first aid supplies… just in case you have to make a dash for the car and haul ass.

I wouldnt call these great bags, there was no radio, fire source, or many other things I find to be essential.

However, there it was. A bug out bag, and one of the largest hardware stores in the US.

Being ready… being prepared is finally something “normal” people look at.

I have been prepared on one level or another for years.

I didnt have to shift my position, parts of the American psyche moved towards my way of thinking.

I have to say, it pleased me to see it. I was proud of those people who were finally thinking ahead.

Like I said, one of these wouldnt be my first choice… be they are a hell of a lot better than nothing.

For something more along the lines of what I would do, you can look at a place like

Since there really isnt a personal protection device in them, I dont find them to be complete.

Step back and look at what you would need for a few days away from home and stores, things you dont need your stove, oven, or microwave to cook.

Evaluate it and make a list… then start assembling it in your bag.

If you have a truck, and would like something to keep in your truck… look into grabbing a 5 gallon bucket with a sealed lid.

Load it up, seal it up, and have it there… just in case.

You may not need it… but if you do, you will thank yourself for having it there.


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