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I had not been to the range since april sometime… till today.

Shooting a gun IS something like riding a bicycle.

If you were proficient, lay off of it for a while… you can do OK when you pick up a firearm.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but MY skills will drop down when I have been away from pulling the trigger for a decent amount of time.

Something as simple and “easy” as pulling the trigger… skill diminished.

Yes, I have to retrain my damn finger.

I do heavy manual labor. My hands get trained for strong coarse movements.

This is not so good for accurate trigger squeezing.

My first round out thru the new .308 today was a JERKBANGWTF?!?!? moment.

I have decent sized fairly stout hands… I can palm a volkswagen and crush the roof.

OK, not quite like that.

But yea, settled in behind the scope… crosshairs settle in on the bull… *OK finger, gently caress the trigger* “OK BOSS!!! YANK!!!”

Head hangs down in shame.

“Sorry Boss… kinda forgot what I was doin…”

I think my finger is an idiot.

It took about a box of rounds to get my smooth pull to somewhat enter the same ballpark that the rest of me was in.

It was about that time that I realized just how bad the trigger on yesterdays purchase really was.

The rifle is an old 3 screw trigger savage. Some are OK, some are decent, some are bad.

This is the first bad one I have fired. It will be replaced with an aftermarket trigger.

I also abused myself a bit by shooting the short barreled .45-70 off of a bench that was too low… with heavy loads.

So, instead of rolling with the shot… I was leaning forward into it.

Pain… plain and simple pain.

It didnt shoot bad tho, I was happy with it.

And I gained new appreciation for the Wild West Guns Happy Trigger in it.

Compared to the savage, it has a match quality trigger.

A few rounds out of the SKS, fun as usual.

Then we moved over to the pistol range.

Caryn had run a few rounds thru my Kel Tec P11 when she picked it up to test the function of it.

This was MY first time pulling the trigger on it.

My first round with it… you would have thought I may have been shooting at a rat running along the base of the berm.

I am used to the triggers on my 1911s and Smith revolvers.

Let me state up front, I am NOT complaining about the P11.

It took a magazine for me to properly compensate for the heavy pull.

I was pulling the muzzle down on the pull, plain and simple.

It is not a bad trigger, but it IS the heaviest trigger I have ever experienced in a pistol.

I Do understand why it is totally unacceptable to some people.

My third magazine, I was punching a pie plate at 25 yards.

For a very compact defensive double action only pistol this is fine… for me.

In a self protection situation, with a center mass aim… those have the potential to be stopping shots.

No malfunctions, trigger learned, accuracy achieved… I put it away pleased.

Next up was my Baby… my Colt Delta Elite 10mm.

Since the last time I fired it, I made a couple of changes.

Lighter recoil spring… flat bottom firing pin stop.

First shots were basically function test shots.

It worked beautifully.

Recoil also felt slightly softer. No scientific tests were made, just going on memory of the last time I fired it months ago.

By this time Dumbo the Trigger Finger had shaken out a few cobwebs.

1911 triggers do that to it. It gets all happy.

At 25 yards the Delta was busting out groups a little bigger than my fist.

I will take this any day of the week.

The pistol will shoot better than I am capable of.

I have always been a .45ACP guy… I love my 1911s… I love my .45s.

I have to say… 10mm gives me wood.

Yea, I may have a new fave pistol round.

I certainly have a new favorite autoloader.

SO yea… I am now a .44 Magnum and 10mm lover.


The new rifle was a fluke purchase.

Stopped into the local gun store for ammo and it was sitting there for a great price.

Caryn said grab it.

And as a testament to what an amazing wife she is, I had to ask her not to put a pistol on layaway for me.

S&W 1911. Commander length, scadium frame, and bob tail.

We will put that money towards a few things we actually need.

She loves me… and wants me to be happy.

I checked it over and she saw that I liked it a little bit more than I should have.

I love this woman, I really and truly do.

But there is a broadsword I need to start the building process on… if I am to buy another NICE firearm.

So… all you guys who have to beg for firearms, sneak them in the house when she isnt looking, and generally try to turn into a criminal to get another gun that you love into the house… I just have to say something to you.


NEENER NEENER NEENER!!! *Sticks tongue out*





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