Much ado about nothing.

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

As you may have read, seen on TV, heard on the radio… for the first time the landing first kiss was between a gay couple.

This my dear readers is what passes as news these days.

The media has to point out that they are a homosexual couple.

In my eyes, it isnt a gay couple, it is 2 people willing to endure the painful time apart to reap the rewards of their constrained time together.

The fact that the public has to broadcast their sexuality disgusts me.

It seems when a person isnt “just like everyone else”, that difference becomes the defining point on which people focus.

I have had quite a few gay, lesbian, bisexual people in my life… many MANY more than people would figure… given that I am a red blooded gun slinging, southern born and bred, wrench bending somewhat misogynistic, 6’4″ 270 lb lump of bald headed goatee’d cudliness.

I wont say that certain people are drawn to me, but the fact that I am generally minimally judgmental may help some people to be themselves around me.

In each case, I had a good idea that the person was engaged, if not physically… then mentally, with the same sex before it came out.

I watch and listen when with friends. Your friends can tell you OH so much more than they actually say… if you pay attention.

Them being able to be honest with themselves made me happier than I could ever relate.

I know that you can not be truly happy, till you are happy and honest with yourself.

My friends, if you read this… feel free to speak up. If not, then know how happy I am for you and proud of you for being yourself.

One is a young man, that I have known since he was a small child.

I knew that small child would very possibly be gay. At a few years old his actions and mannerisms broadcast that out to me.

This was before he knew what sex… or sexuality was.

Even back when I was entering high school I had a friend and an acquaintance that confided their secret to me.

I hear from a lot of people that it is a choice, there is no hard proof that I have seen from either side on this.

However, from my experiences and observations it is not a choice for many… if not most.

The consequences, especially if you are from small town USA… can be death.

On a good day its being shunned and ridiculed.

This couple is not a big deal, they are 2 people living their lives.

I hear a lot about recognizing gay marriage would ruin the sanctity of marriage.

Sorry guys, the heterosexuals have already wadded that up, pissed on it, and tossed it in the sewer.

“What they do is an Abomination in the bedroom!”

Sorry again, I am a straight guy… and they gayest thing I have done is throw a Manly hug on my buddies when meeting or parting ways.

Over the years I have done things behind closed doors that are against the law in many states… for all you know these people are boring cuddling quickie types.

If not? “It is NONE of your business.”

In this world as we know it, it is hard enough to be happy.

Why would you try to restrict the happiness of another that is doing you no harm?

“They are going to raise twisted children!”

Guess where most of the murderers, rapists, domestic abusers, robbers, burglers, etc came from? Yea… I am willing to bet serious money they didnt come from a same sex couple family.


That picture at the top of the page here shouldnt be news.

A happy couple in love should be something we see and smile to ourselves about… while silently wishing them the best of luck.

The fact that it IS news tells me that this country has oh so far to go.

Petty Officers, enjoy your time together.

When you love the one you are with… there is never enough of it.

To everyone reading, those close to you deserve an extra hug… or to have the other ones stretched out a little longer.

True love is hard to come by, if you have it… relish it, and do what you can to keep it.




  1. Carl says:

    What you do that doesn’t impact me is none of my business.

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