Pride in a job well done.

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Taking pride in your work seems like a lost ideal now days.

It seems like most people do just the bare minimum to get by.

When a person is in business for themselves, that just will not do.

This blog entry is focused on a true craftsman.

This mans name is Luke Adams, he is the owner and proprietor of Adams Holsters.

As you may guess, Luke is a maker of gunleather.

I dont mean that he pumps out as many holsters and belts as possible to make as much money as he can, I mean that he is a Maker and craftsman in the finest tradition of holster makers.

He cuts out, forms, bones, and for an additional fee hand stitches all of the holsters that he sells. Each holster is worked until it is a piece of art that he is proud to put his name on.

I own 2 of his holsters and a gun belt. The first holster I got from him is the style he calls the Texas IWB Holster.


Those who know me, either face to face or online, know that I carry a sidearm.

The key to comfortable daily carry of said sidearm is a good belt and holster.

I have had holsters made by companies that pretty much anyone who lives the armed lifestyle know. They have all been good quality workman holsters. I had been very pleased with them.

When I signed up on I noticed many people singing their praises to Luke and his work.

Now, generally you will read a review when a person is disgruntled… not when they are happy. That is just human nature. It works… you go on with your life… it doesnt, the whole world is about to find out.

I had just picked up my Delta Elite, my Grail Gun.

I figured that the lead slinging love of my life needed a comfy place to ride, SO… I ordered up a Texas holster and waited.

Yes, Luke has a lead time when you order your holster from him.

He is not a mass production factory, he is a craftsman who builds his holsters individually to his customers requests.

You want the basic holster, sure thing.

You want it with Shark, Elephant, Ostrich… a combination of those? In full or partial coverage? No Problem.

I ordered up a fairly basic Texas rig in black.

The only non standard things I asked for was to have it stamped with the logo for Crusader Weaponry and to have the OWB conversion loops shipped with it.



I will admit, I have not used the OWB loops with it yet… it is amazingly comfortable when worn inside of my waistband.

Many people have a love/hate relationship with carrying the 1911.

It is a very flat, amazingly concealable handgun… however most are all steel.

This means that you just hung a chunk of metal off of your hip that weighs in at just under 3 lbs loaded.

With an average belt and holster this can wear on you after a little while. Some people can end up with a hitch in their step after wearing it for a while.

I am honestly not positive what Luke did with this design, but I can wear it all day with no fatigue.

For 3 months I wore it with a normal department store belt, and it was highly comfortable.

The holster is amazing.

A month or two back I was talking with Luke about a holster I wanted.

For me, the classic holster to carry one of these 100 year old designs in… is the Bruce Nelson or Askins/Avenger style.

It is an outside the waistband style holster.

Open top with no retention devices, forward cant, high ride.

The Nelson/Askins/Avenger style is not a holster that Luke has on his website for order unfortunately.

However, he experiments with various holster styles.

One that he had built to see how he liked it, and to see if he could improve it, was the Nelson/Askins/Avenger.

So, fast forward to Monday… and I got a package in the mail.

In this package was my gun belt, 2 layers of leather with a layer of kydex sandwiched in the middle… and his personal prototype Nelson/Askins/Avenger holster.

I will be wearing this around and reporting back my thoughts, opinions, and suggestions if I have any.

The past 2 days it has been on my hip.

One word, amazing.

It wears slightly high and tight, perfect for open carry, has a full combat grip, and it conceals very well under a hoodie.

It is snug enough that I can run and climb with it on with no worries about it coming out.

I am smitten with this holster for open carry.

If he decides to offer this style, I will be getting one for my Combat Masters… with exotic hides involved in there somehow.

I am thinking possibly ray and shark.

Now, keep in mind… this is a holster he made as an experiment.

This holster was made rough side out, with the smooth side of the leather against the sidearm.

It features a reinforced mouth and sweatshield.

You put it on your belt and straddle the belt loop at 3:00… and it does NOT move.

Also, this holster is of better quality than many nationally known holster makers products.

This is a tough holster, I wouldnt think twice about wearing it anywhere for any kind of rough duty.

I will be putting a lot of miles on these holsters and belt, and updating with reviews.

Based on my experiences so far, I can see me being very pleased.

Do yourself a favor and check out Luke’s wares.





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