Who carries?

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gun owners are a diverse group.

Those who carry are diverse also.

Above all, they are people… with all of the good and bad that entails.

The main common thread between gun owners who have decided to carry is that they have decided to take personal responsibility for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

The business man, the grandmother, the father, the young woman living alone.

I carry.

I carry everywhere I can. It is my duty as a husband and father to do whatever I can to insure the safety of my family.

My wife carries for the same reasons.

As you look around, almost anyone you see… if you live in a free state… could be carrying a sidearm.

It crosses social, economic, and racial lines.

Wanting safety is something that all people can understand.

Some rely on others for their safety, some are more proactive about it.

A person deciding to carry a firearm now has a vast array of possibilities for a handgun for personal protection.

There are pistols small and light enough to slip into the pocket of dress slacks or even tucked into a ladies bra.

For others there are full sized pistols that can carry 20 rounds of ammunition.

In between is an ocean full of “fish” to be chosen from.

I ran across a man today on his motorcycle, he had a Glock 17 in a Galco shoulder holster with a pair of magazines offsetting the weight of the pistol on the other side.

He was 69 years old, former golden gloves fighter, and looked at least 10 years younger than he was.

He said that even tho he knew how defend himself with his hands, in todays world sometimes that just isn’t enough.

We talked for a minute and I bid him good day and wished him a safe journey.

Not a half hour later I entered a convenience store and the clerk was having a conversation with a customer about the Walther PPK.

I had my Delta Elite on my hip today, and it was still comforting to know that others I encountered we also armed.

Where I live may not be like where you live, I am somewhat rural in the mountains of NE Pa coal country.

But given time, more places will become more open about firearms and firearms carry.

In the past few years I has seen a surge in this segment that surpassed my wildest expectations.

In almost all of the country there is at least a path to licensed carry.

Most states have agreements with SOME other states and offer reciprocal acknowledgement of their licenses.

If you decide this may be an avenue for you to look into, go onto some online forums and talk with carriers.

Many of us are more than willing to answer questions or offer suggestions.

If you set your mind to carry, get training. Learn to be safe, learn to operate your handgun properly, learn how to constantly hit your target. 

Decide on a size and weight for your handgun.

The smaller ones are easier to conceal, however they are harder to reliably hit with and generally recoil more than the larger ones.

You have to decide on what trade offs you are willing to accept.

When you have your list of possibilities go handle them. If at all possible, rent them and shoot them.

I hope it never happens, but if your family is threatened by an intruder, robber, rapist, mugger… I hope you are able to protect them and yourself.

I hope to see you become one of the fraternity of concealed carriers.

Be safe… and good luck.





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