New horse in the stable

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

No, not a colt.

My Delta is getting wear from carry. Blued steel and body oils and sweat do NOT go together very well.

So, I decided that it will be sent off for some refurbishing and making it more suitable for daily carry.

I now had the realization that one of the “new” polymer pistols would more than likely be in my future.

The polymer and treated stainless will hold up much better than the Real Hartford Steel in an EDC situation.

It was also about this time that I got to thinking about all of the handguns currently in the stable.

2 really dont get carried, my Star .38 Super and my RIA 1911.

The Star, being my first handgun… and the first gun I ever carried, has a special place in my heart and will stay with me till death,

The RIA 1911 Tactical, while being a GREAT pistol, has been displaced by the Delta and my Combat Masters.

So… it just sits on the pistol rack and pouts.

While at the LGS, Local Gun Shop for those who dont understand the UberCool abbreviations, I decided to look at the new plastic offerings.

I know glocks have been around for decades… I carry 1911s and revolvers. So yea, in tech innovation my guns are what… 100 years behind the times?

I looked at the Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, and various other composite pistols that could end up on my side in a bad situation.

I have shot plenty of Glocks… they just dont grow on me, I shoot them poorly.

I also dislike them on a primal level… they feel bad in my hand… they feel wrong… and have less Sould than any handgun I have ever wrapped my fingers around.

XD, not bad… they would work. They point well and dont feel bad.

M&P, if any poly gun is sexy… these are.

They not only have eye appeal, they feel GOOD in my hand.

The XD felt acceptable, as in “would do”… the M&P felt GOOD. As in, I WANT to wrap my fingers around it.

This is important to me, if a pistol doesnt feel good… I more than likely will not shoot it well.

For those that dont know, RIA, Rock Island Armory, makes inexpensive entry level 1911s.

Inexpensive is good for initial purchase, not so good for resale.

When I decided that the S&W M&P 45 was my next pistol, I knew that I would be getting rid of the Rock to make room for it.

The guy behind the counter said that we could look into a trade, but I have witnessed gun shop trades before and they VERY seldom go well for the customer.

You are offering them a used gun, and they can more than likely get a new version of it for less than you want for your previously loved version.

So yea… I figured I would be lucky to get a couple hundred bucks for my sweet shooting 1911.

I went onto a couple of forums that I frequent and put it up for sale or trade.

I got a couple of tempting trade offers, almost “pulled the trigger” on them.

Then I thought about it, it wouldnt cost me anything to see what the LGS would offer me in trade.

If I sold it face to face here in pa, I would have to pay transfer fees and fuel to meet the other person.

If I traded it out of state, I would have shipping and transfer fees.

I was pleasantly surprised at the trade I got.

After trading, I owed $75 plus tax.

This tickled me to death, I was expecting a $250 difference.

So, today I paid the remainder and picked it up.

I am the proud owner of a S&W M&P 45 with thumb safety, no lock, and no magazine disconnect.

Just carrying it around the house, I am happy with the lighter weight.

It is similar to my subcompact 1911 Combat Masters.

Carry isnt much different than the Delta Elite, just a little more grip girth.

I cant wait to get to the range and put some rounds thru it.

A range report will follow that outing.

Now, to do something about this trigger…




  1. LouisCQ says:

    Try this, a buddy has one in his 40. Awesome.

  2. mikepgs says:

    If I could get the same trade, I would gladly pay 300 for a RIA and then another 75 to upgrade to the M&P 45 :D. Looking forward to reading a full range report.

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