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There has been some chatter on the web lately about revolvers being obsolete.

I honestly think this chatter started about the time semi autos started functioning properly.

However the internet allows people to voice their opinions, and inflict them on people all over our fair planet.

Much like I am about to do.

There are people who like bottom feeders… that would be your generic semi auto.

There are people who like wheel guns… that would be your generic revolver.

And then there are people who just love guns.

I would fall into that third category.

Since I have a love for guns in both camps… I tend to see myself as somewhat unbiased.

I have many semi autos… I have 3 revolvers… one is a black powder one, and wont be discussed as a common defensive pistol.

Yes… PISTOL. I know that many people have decided that a pistol is a semi automatic.

Sorry guys, muzzle loading flint lock hand guns are pistols.

As are the percussion cap BP guns.

As are the current offerings from S&W, Ruger, Taurus, and the rest of the nice people putting out these pistols that have been obsolete for over a century.

I have 2 revolvers that I carry, both in .44 caliber.

One a Magnum and one a Special.

I generally carry them together, with the 5 shot special a BUG to the 6 shot .44.

AH HAH!!! You dont carry enough rounds in the revolver so you have to carry a New York Reload!!!

AH HAH!!! You cant reload the revolver fast enough in a tactical situation… so you have to carry a loaded back up!!!

Ummm… yea, OK.

My carry today was my S&W M&P .45.

With a spare magazine… 21 rounds total.

With my Kel Tec P-11… and a spare magazine… 25 rounds total.

For a total of 46 rounds of ammo on my person.

The same people who would jump at me carrying 2 revolvers would possibly think I was off the deep end for carrying that much lead.

Do you expect a fire fight? Where do you live… Beirut?!

No, I just like a BUG.

I carry bottom feeder with bottom feeder… and wheel gun with wheel gun.

I like a revolver for teaching new shooters.

No safeties, no loading magazines, no seating magazines, no chambering rounds, no swapping out magazines.

Push this latch and swing the cylinder out.

See those holes? drop the bullets in them.

Close the cylinder, point, shoot.

Revolvers tend to be less intimidating.

My son wouldnt shoot semi autos for the longest time… he didnt like the slide flailing around in front of his face.

However he took to the revolver like a duck to water… and still requests me to turn over ownership of my .44 Magnum to him.

He shoots them all now, his comfort level has grown.

S&W, Taurus, and Ruger make mounds of cash selling revolvers to this very day.

Ultra light pocket 5 shooters, 6-8 shot full size guns, Hand Howitzers that need a bipod and shoulder sling.

Seriously, I have the new S&W catalog here… there are pics of the X Frames with bipods and slings… no shit.

Hell, S&W has the new Bodyguard and Ruger has the LCR… polymer and such.

We wont go into the Judge.

I love shooting my wheelguns.

Thumbing the hammer back, feeling and hearing the lockwork, watching the cylinder rotate… and line up another cartridge… the barest pressure that releases the hammer.

I love Experiencing my revolvers.

Now, there is the reliability argument. If the revolver doesnt fire… bad primer or whatever… pull the trigger and fire the next round.

This is perfectly valid.

However, get one with a proud primer… you are locked up like a bank vault. I have seen them that pretty much had to be hammered open.

Contact range shooting, muzzling someone in the gut can take the average semi auto out of battery and you are up that brown and smelly creek.

You have exceptions… but most people are not carrying around Ruger .22s, Lugers, and Desert Eagles.

Oh yea… it is DESERT EAGLE… not Deagle. Dont make me stab YOU in the throat also.

The revolver is a valid and practical choice for a carry gun, it has been getting the job done for a long LONG time.

And todays offerings in carry guns are some of the best yet.

I know you train, watch you tube videos, and have airsoft battles with your friends… but I am truly sorry Bucko… you are not going to take out an armed mob all by yourself.

Even tho you have 18 rounds of 9mm and 2 33 round spare mags.

Jared Loughner used a Glock 19, arguably one of the most reliable handguns made.

He killed 6 people and wounded 14 others before it jammed. I admit, it was most likely a magazine malfunction.

However he was subdued without a shot being fired against him. Force of numbers.

You are not Steven Segal or Chuck Norris.

You will be shooting defensively… and chances are, wont have the element of total surprise.

What you carry is not nearly as important as the fact that you practice and are proficient with what you carry.

You are more likely than not to never have to draw your pistol.

If you do, the fact that you drew it will stop MANY attacks.

If you have to fire it, it will more than likely be against 1-2 people.

But Jim, you just said that today you were carrying 46 rounds!!!

Yup, sure did. Why? Because I wanted to.

I carry spare magazines for the more likely event of a magazine related malfunction than because I think I will need all of those rounds.

I carry my Combat Masters, 6+1 in each with a spare magazine. I carry more ammo in my P-11 and spare mag than those 2 pistols and spare mag.

Some people are just more comfortable with a revolver.

And as long as that is the case, there is a strong place for them in the handgun market.

And this is without going into the need for a very stout round for 4 legged critters for people who live where nature may come right up and ruin your day.

Compare packing a Desert Eagle to a much more compact .44 Magnum revolver… you will wish you left that chunk of steel behind long before you get tired of carrying Ye Olde Faithful 6 shooter.

There is a place in this world for most of the pistols out there.

People will never agree, the arguments, belittling, and name calling will continue.

Both sides are right… both sides are wrong.

There is room in my safe for both… and room at my side for those that love both.


Safe shooting.




  1. Nice write up. I also love all handguns, and shoot all kinds of stuff without thinking any one of them is a “religion” or whatever.
    But I do like revolvers for when I’m out fishing or poking around in the woods or whatever and need a gun I can stick loaded in any pocket or backpack compartment without a holster and not worry about it – yet it’s also available if I need it.
    And I just like them – good enough for me.

  2. Black Sunshine .44 AMP says:

    Ohhhh, I hate “Deagle” with a passion. It’s like people are too lazy for the other two syllables. And it just sounds so utterly stupid.

    As for wheelguns, when I carried one of my 3″ 629’s I had two double speedloader pouches. Yep, both on my left side. I had four reloads. That’s 30 rounds of .44 mag. Basicaly because I’m an asshole (Because I could/can).

    Today, maybe just two spares. Ahhhhh, probably not. Fuckit. Four spares it is! Back in the mid 90’s I carried a Taurus 92 with three 20 round mags. One of them being in the gun. Yup, extended mag in the pistol. 61 rounds of Cor Bon 115 grain +p’s.

    With semi-auto’s I carry at LEAST one spare mag. Definitely two if it’s a single stack. But still carry two spares with my XD .45. Mainly because I don’t have a single mag carrier. 😉 I should get one though. 26 rounds of .45 in metal boxes can be weighty.

    Back to the “Desert Eagle”. Yeah, it’s heavy. Especially today’s incarnation. But if I could get a Mark VII in .44 mag I’d still consider it. Well, let me clarify. If I didn’t have a shit-ton of other guns I want more on my list I might look for a Mark VII DE some day. And I’d carry it. Maybe for just two hours at a time. But I would.

    Now back to revolvers. I pick up the 3″ GP-100 this month. Another $650 and it will be a 10mm.

    Next revolver after that is a 4.2″ Redhawk. Another $400 and it will be a 3″ and Mag-Na-Ported.

    Then it will be on to a 4 5/8″ Super Blackhawk. That one I’m leaving “as is”. That will be carried at some point as well.

    Why? Because revolvers are awesome. But that custom stuff is gonna kill me. Expecially since I’m also picking up the FN .45 Tactical next month. And I want a Leupold Delta Point on the slide. And a supressor.

    Gah!!! Sometimes I hate being a gun nut.

  3. Ole Fast Dave says:

    “You are more likely than not to never have to draw your pistol.

    If you do, the fact that you drew it will stop MANY attacks.

    If you have to fire it, it will more than likely be against 1-2 people.”

    An interesting thing I notice about folks I know who are serious about shooting and/or self-defense: their situational awareness tends to be much, much more finely tuned than what passes for such in the rest of the population. The concentration they learn from the attempt to shoot well carries over on its own, along with the mindset they learn from defensive drills. They are less likely to be surprised and more likely — and, more importantly, less likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time if there are indicators to be noticed. Being ready for trouble often prevents trouble.

    For those who are aware, I’d have to agree that it doesn’t matter what they carry. I like both, and carry both, but have always had a preference for revolvers. Something about the jolt of a 4-inch Redhawk just feels right, don’t ya know.

    “Oh yea… it is DESERT EAGLE… not Deagle. Dont make me stab YOU in the throat also.” C’mon, don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.


  4. Goatroper says:

    Very well said. I’ve always preferred revolvers, probably because that was my introduction to shooting back in ancient history. I’ve owned a good many of both, and have shot some of each better than others; but revolvers still just feel right.

    That said, I probably shoot my SR1911 better than anything else — but the SP101 is still the preferred EDC. The GP100 was THE woods carry for more than 20 years, but the 4.2″ Redhawk may be taking that spot. Those 3 revolvers just fit better than anything else.


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