Times… they are a changin’

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been on the record for years as a guy who is not a fan of the Glock handgun.

Now I freely admit to the durability and reliability, but for me… the ergos are horrible.

The grip feels bad, and from my years of training and use with the 1911 the things point muzzle high on an instinctive point and shoot scenario.

Also… I find the triggers to be crap.

I am now a Glock owner.

Yes, save the laughter and “I told you so”s.

My friend George Hill, http://www.madogre.com , sold me his Gen3 non SF Glock 20.

Yea… if I am going to own a glock… I am going to own THE glock.

15+1 of high powered 10mm goodness.

Since this was George’s personal carry 20, it isn’t 100% as it came off the shelf.

It has a couple of trigger parts from lone Wolf and it has been lovingly run in with Slipstream.

Now, here is the part where I eat my words.

The thing points perfectly. I dont know if it is the full sized frame grip or what… but in a “focus, close your eyes, draw and point” run… it points damn near as good as my Delta. And as good as my M&P.

Since it fits the SERPA for my M&P, it went into protective detail instantly.

So yea… hell has frozen over, I am carrying a Glock.

Feel free to cast stones, I know you are all sinners… but still, cast away.

The sneers, scoffs, derision, and pointing and laughing I have done over the years means that I probably deserve it.

It is currently my go to full sized sidearm, my Kel Tec P-11 is my small one.

Yea… Jim “Real Steel” Jones now has “plastic guns” as primaries.

Screw you… you dont have to laugh THAT hard.

I said to throw rocks… not laugh, thats just mean.





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