Our Nation is Damaged

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since the presidential election it has become more evident just how splintered our country has become.

People on the left are veering further left, people on the right are veering further right, and there seems to be fewer and fewer people in the middle.

The president was elected with a small lead in the popular voting, but with a landslide in the electoral college… prompting many to call for an end to it, or at least a drastic redesign.

There are scandals at the highest level of our Intelligence community.

People are thirsty for blood following the attack on our consulate and how it has been handled.

Our country has not been this polarized in viewpoints since the 1860s when brother took up arms against brother.

My personal viewpoint puts me somewhere towards the middle.

I long for smaller government, and as such… want the government out of as much of my life as possible.

Gay marriage? The gov shouldnt have a single word to say about it.

Against abortion on religious grounds? Why should you force your religion on others?

 If abortions are made illegal, you will have women dying from amateur surgeons plying their craft.

Pot? I look at it like I look at prohibition. Legalize and tax it.

The same with prostitution.

If obamacare is a tax… you can damn sure tax the rental of pussy and the sale of weed.

People are talking about their state pulling from the Union, this is how pissed off, scared, disenfranchised they are.

I doubt most of them are serious and would totally shit their pants if it happened.  

But… they are willing to put themselves out there on the issue.

It is not my position to approve or disapprove, but I do have to say that I am glad that they are not out there rioting and burning the place down like their team lost a game or a cop they didnt like got off on some charges.

We are Americans, we can remain civil… till it is time to not be civil..

That time may be coming, I dont know of any man that can pull the country back together.

I doubt I will see some semblance of unity in my lifetime.

It would require too many people to admit that maybe some of their ideas are not as good as someone elses ideas.

But I do want to see some healing of the country I love.

I listen to both sides, and in various places… both are wrong.

Which means that both are right on points.

Hell, if they could get past their hot button issues… they could even agree here and there.

But this will not happen while we have our divide. 

My boys are 18, 16, and 15.

I fear for them… what this place will be when they are my age and are on the verge of having grandchildren.

What are we leaving our kids and grand kids?

This… this is my worry.





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