If I were you…

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Anyone who carries has heard this.

ESPECIALLY if they are new to carrying a handgun for protection.

What should I carry?

Then you get 80 different answers… and 347 people arguing about those suggestions.

After you have waded thru the caliber wars… the revolver vs semi auto brawl… the Single vs double action vs DAO battle… you MAY have chosen your firearm.

If you have, then you have the fun of selection the manner in which to carry it.

IWB, OWB, Shoulder holster, fanny pack, ankle, belly band, from the front of your bra, from a necklace…

Yea… the options in what and how to carry are a little unsettling at first.

One thing to keep in mind… no matter what you choose… you are dead wrong.

Yep, you have chosen a stupid caliber, your gun is trash, only a moron would carry like that.

if you are on the internet… and since you are reading this… I AM going to make that assumption, you have blowhards who like to believe that their opinion is the only right one.

OK, they exist IRL… but they SHINE on the internet.

Certain things are polarizing in the online gun community.

You have the 9mm vs .45 vs .40 argument.

Aforementioned action argument, plastic vs steel…

And how you carry.

Certain methods are sure to get you killed.

Crossdraw and shoulder holsters specifically.

A small of the back holster will get you into a wheelchair.

Open carry will get your gun grabbed and YOU shot in the head.

Keep in mind that a slightest hesitation on your draw will get you deadified.

Now… if you want even MORE advice than is dispensed on the trillions of firearms and carry forums, read a little more here.

#1 piece of sage advice… carry what you like and you shoot well.

If it is a gun you dont like, doesnt fit your hand well… is too big or small, too bulky, you dont hit with it, is uncomfortable to shoot or carry…


Then it is a bit less effective than a nice sharp #2 pencil.

Choose your sidearm for how you dress, and dress around it.

May people espouse that you should dress around the gun.

This is VERY true, but you also need to be realistic in what your choice to carry is.

If you work in an office, a 6″ large frame revolver is not the best choice… unless your name is Harry Callahan.

If you work in slacks and polos… and deal with the public, a small very discrete pistol is a good choice.

You can drive the hell out of an eldorado, but you wont be passing up many corvettes on a road course.

Proper tool for the job.

What I am saying… there is a lot of information out there, and even more opinion.

Sage advice #2.

The gun you have is better than the gun at home.

That Glock 20 with 15+1 rounds of 10mm sitting at home because it is too big, heavy, or uncomfortable to shoot isnt half as good as the NAA .22 revolver in your pocket.

True, the 10mm is a death ray and anyone who has one go off in their general direction will vaporize instantly, but when it is at home in the safe… it is 100% useless. Unless your spouse sells it to help finance your funeral.

That little .22. that you never leave home without and rides as your little wood and steel best friend right there in your pocket, may be a pip squeek pop gun… but if you need a gun, it WILL be there.

Not the most effective, but better than a stick in the eye generally.

Sage advice #3… if you are still reading and/or counting.

Carry in a manner that fits you the best.

If you are selling cameras at Walmart… a shoulder rig MAY not be the best idea for you.

You are a candidate for one of those itty bitty pocket guns.

Now, if you get fired for having it… NOT MY FAULT.

If you drive a lot, a cross draw or shoulder rig MAY be a good idea.

You may end up with a safe full of guns and a drawer full of holsters.

You have to figure out what works best for you, sometimes that involves trial and error.

Sometimes you CAN talk to people and learn from it.

Avoid those who look at it in black and white… their way or its wrong.

You will be better for it no matter what you decide.



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