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When most people hear that you are taking a trip… they are curious as to where you are going.

Thats not me, I am interested on how you are getting there.

I do a lot of driving for work, and many think it strange that when off work I still like to drive.

I understand that people now have compressed timetables and need to get places and back as quickly as possible, but in doing that… they miss out on so much.

You see, “back in the day” we didnt have an Interstate System to travel on… and mostly it was the wealthy and business travelers who flew to destinations.

So, to get from point A to point B that were any distance apart, you took the US Highway System.

The US Highway system still exists, most people use it daily without really thinking about it.

It is the numbered road system that goes from town to town… usually just little 2 lane roads.

People just seem to HAVE to run on the interstates.
4-8 lanes wide… bypassing stoplights and towns… 70 mph and trying to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Yes, you MAY get to your destination faster… MAY… but you are less enriched by doing so.

When you travel these backroads, you get to see what your nation has to offer.
You get to see its history, and what its people are like.
On the Super Slabs you are zipping along with fellow travelers and commuters, who are also trying to get to their destinations in a timely manner.
You see billboards and advertisements for the next stand of fast food eateries and chain fuel stops.

Hop off and get onto a backroad.

See people living their life, usually at a slower pace.
Families headed to church, people sitting on benches in town squares, 
Little diners and eateries frequented by locals… owned and operated by people who like what they do… and are not just trying to line their pockets.

Barber shops and beauty salons that dont have a nationwide chain sign above the door.
Garages owned by the guy with grease under his nails and a wrench in his hand.
A flower shop that sells locally hand crafted items that might look nice on a shelf in your home.
Farms and dairies operated by generations of family.

This is where our country came from. 
People doing for themselves, and you get to drive thru it and see it first hand.

But that is only a part of the reason to take the back roads.
You get to see more of the country in a wild and natural state.

Winding 2 lane roads thru the mountains, alongside rivers and creeks, across pasturelands.
Wildlife by the roadside, trees, flowers…
You may want to pull over and take pictures… shoot video.
Get a memento of your travels that you dont have to pay for.

I have been known to drive all day to have dinner some place in another state, stay the night and drive home.
Yes, I had a destination… but the trip was not about the destination, the trip was about the trip.
The sights, sounds, smells… the conversations with loved ones as we slowly pass thru our world.
Local radio stations where people are selling and bartering things on a trading post show.
Fruits and veggies and honey from a roadside stand.
People on inner tubes floating down a creek, old men with fishing poles that wave as you go by.

When you do this on a motorcycle, you are even more of a part of it.
You experience every mile of the trip.
If its hot, you are hot.
If it is raining, you are wet.
If you are passing by a hog farm… well, you get the picture.

People frequently say things like “Stop and smell the roses”.
But they seldom do.

Nissan understood this, and built an ad campaign around it in 1996.
Life is a Journey, Enjoy the ride.

They were right then, and it still applies today.
Also remember, You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.





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