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Anyone who has had to actually work towards a goal has had to find motivation to get there.

That goal could have been education, financial, physical, automotive.

If something is worth achieving, there is a chance that somewhere along the way… it would be easier to say Fuck This, than continue on.

You have to step back and weigh your options.

First off, you have to know WHY you are doing it.
Money to support your family?
Education to further yourself in your career?
Fitness to improve your health?
Building a car to compete for something?

Without honestly knowing WHY you are doing something, it is a lot harder to push ahead if you encounter bumps in the road.

Having a support network helps.
Friends that offer encouragement, a DI that may eat your soul if you fail, someone that will lay out the brutal honestly and kick your ass back onto the path.

Single serving goals are a lot easier also.
Getting your diploma, a promotion, losing 15 pounds, getting your car into the 11s.
You can then relax and go “There… I did it.”
And move onto something else.

It is the lifetime goals that reset that are the challenge.
You are not looking for that single promotion… you want to run your division.
You want your Masters.
You want to lose enough weight that you look better than 80% of the people out there… and keep it off.
You want to hold the record in your class or track every year.

It isnt THAT hard to hit a one time goal.
It is the goals that you chase every day that wear on you.

If you miss that one time goal… oh well, there will be other times.
If you slip and fall on the long term ones, you potentially have years of effort that got tossed by the wayside.

Rule #1, dont make excuses.
There are millions of reasons to fail… find that 1 reason to succeed.
Hold onto it for dear life, take it out… look at it… dangle it out in front of yourself like a carrot.
And chase that damn thing up the hill.

Rule #2, ditch the naysayers.
You may not reach your goals, but you dont need people in your ear telling you that you are going to do nothing but fail.
Remember, these people need you… need to see you fail, so that they can feel better about themselves.
YOU do NOT need them.

If one of my friends comes to me with something… instead of telling them right off the bat that they are nuts and it wont work, I try to figure out to to help them make it work.
THAT is what you need in a friend.
If it becomes obvious that they are plain fucking nuts and are wanting to do something like bicycle to mars… reason with them.
But stick around, you might be surprised at just how damn far they get.

If you set your mind to it and actually TRY, you will get farther in your goals than you could ever imagine.
Most failures are because people either didnt try, or gave up and got off the horse mid stream.

See it to the other side, you just might surprise yourself.


  1. Andy says:

    Great post, Jim. I’m 43 and have told myself that I will do a million things and have done only a few. At this point I’m puttin’ up or shuttin’ up. Never too late to commit. To try something. And see it through to the end. Even if it ends in failure.

    Getting certified to teach basic handgun safety isa start. But I was hoping by now I’d have basic rifle, shotgun, home defense and others under my belt. I wanted to go to the SIGAcademy for a weekend too. I just need to finally start budgeting. Out of everything in my life that seems to be the hardest for me to do.

  2. Evil One says:

    Hey man, everything you accomplish puts you that much further down the road to being where you want to be.
    Hit those goals!


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