Shooting in Connecticut

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I write this, there are 20 children who will not be going home to their parents… Brothers… Sisters.
An Evil young man decided to take their lives into his hands and extinguish them.
There are seven adults no longer with us also.
The only bright spot in this, is that this person ended his own life at the end.
27 people dead because someone went off their rocker and decided that today was the day for them to die.
As an American, I am saddened… As a father, I am heartbroken.
I can’t, and don’t want to, imagine this happening to me and my family.
We don’t know most of the specifics of this, only the raw numbers right now.
The rumor is that this was a kindergarten class room, in the days to come we will put faces and names to this number.
The president made a speech about this, and there was an implication that he will be using the recent murders as a reason to try and push thru gun control measures.
They will try and do this when emotions are high.
I don’t want to politicize this, but the use of this enrages me.
Yes, firearms were used.
The guns did not commit the crimes, people did.
There are bad people, these people do bad things.
We need to focus on the people and the problems.
Reports are that this person killed his mother and father in this rampage.
There are no doubt’s that this was a person with issues.

I don’t want to live in a world that has security guards at every door I walk thru.
I do not want to live in a police state.
We have guards at banks, guarding our money… My most valuable things in my life is my family.
My wife carries a handgun to protect herself and her family.
I carry a handgun to protect myself and my family.
The teachers who are with my children while they are away from home are not allowed to have the means to protect themselves and our children at school.
Again, bad people do bad things.
There are, realistically, over 100,000,000 guns of various types in circulation in this country.
Nobody will be getting rid of them.
Not just due to the Second Amendment, but many would not turn them over if ordered to.
This means that we need to deal with the people problem.
What are the answers?
I don’t know honestly.
But I do know that attacking inanimate objects isn’t it.
There are people dead, there are children dead.
This is not a time to try and further political agendas, this is a time to try and figure out how to heal.
I am not the praying kind, but my heart goes out to those involved.
May whatever they believe in help them make it thru this, may their family and friends provide the support they need.
May the next person that decides to go out with a bang and take innocents with them, decide to take care of themselves quietly in a way that harms no one else.
Keep these poor people in your thoughts add they try to heal.

  1. Prepare for bills to take away our rights as free citizens in the name of public safety.

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