Combat Lever Gun

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yea, you read that right.
This is the rifle foremost in my thoughts at the moment.
But Jim, what the hell is a combat lever gun?
Well gentle reader, I am glad you asked.
To be honest, all serious caliber lever actions are combat rifles.
They were designed back when a man’s rifle was his life.
It got your food and protected you from attack.
Now, most people see them as grandpa’s obsolete deer gun.
It isn’t a wiz bang modern lead slinger.
In general you will find them in .30-30, .44, .357, .45 Colt, and .45-70.
There are more calibers, but these are the common ones.
The .30-30 is nothing to discount, it more than likely responsible for more downed deer than any other round out there.
The pistol rounds give you a good capacity in an intermediate cartridge.
The .45-70 can take just about anything walking.
These rifles are reasonably light and well balanced, they also have the benefit of being well suited for lefties.
With good sights or an optic they are nice and accurate.
These rifles are still popular, not because of their power… But because of how usable they are.
You really need to take one out and run it.
They just feel right.
I already have my stubby .45-70, I need an intermediate powered carbine.
Either a .44 or .30-30.
Synthetic stock and forend, lever rail, aperture sight, closer quarter optic.
My choice is a Marlin, more robust and simpler than a Winchester.
Something that doesn’t draw the attention of an AR or AK.
I want to build and take it to a Crusader Carbine course.
I want to show the gun community that the old repeater is still a viable option.
This is my personal crusade.
To build a lever action that people familiar with Wild West Guns And Grizzly will look at and nod in approval.
All weather, All condition, combat effective rifle… that you can find ammo in any store that sells ammo in any area of the country.
I think I can do this.
I will be consulting with a few people in the industry for suggestions and possibly parts.
As I build it, I will chart the progress here.
When it is complete, I will have skilled and knowledgeable people test it out and review it.
This is my task, and I invite you to follow along.



As an addition, George Hill… … is a lover of lever action rifles and has been down this road before.

Here is a write up on his.

Thanks George.


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