Quality over instant gratification.

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I cruise a lot of gun forums, gun sales boards, and visit a lot of gun stores on my travels.
A common theme I see, and it is getting more prevalent, is the cheap gun buyer.

Now, I dont mean inexpensive… I mean CHEAP.

I dont know how many people I witness looking for the cheapest, most bottom of the barrel gun to buy.

People… STOP THAT.

The cheap guns, Raven, Jennings, Bryco, RG… you dont want those.
Yes, they have a low price tag… but they are cheap as well as inexpensive.

They dont function well and they dont last if used.

I can understand not wanting to drop a lot of coin on an item you pray that you never have to use.

I also know that most defensive gun uses never involve firing a shot.

But a gun is not a magical talisman.

It is not some special totem that you carry with you.

The gun you carry with you is for protecting the life of you and those that you love. 

It may mean pointing it at a person or persons and actually having to pull the trigger.

If you are not willing to do that… dont carry the damn thing.

Get some mace, a whistle, a dog, a cane.

The last thing you need is to be a statistic and the source of another gun in the hands of a criminal.

I know that the prices on some of the new guns out there can be intimidating.

I dont buy as many as I would like to for that very reason.
however, when you go gun shopping… look at the case with the used guns in it.

If you are iffy about paying the price for a new quality gun, I am doubting that you drive around in a new car.
Your used one gets you where you are going… and a used gun fills the same need as a new one.

But… you can only afford to drop the money on one of these cheap POSs… I know this.
Here is what you do.

Take the coin you were going to drop on the jam and break o matic… put it in your sock drawer.

Brown bag lunch for a while, take your lunch money and put that with it.

Sell off some of the crap you own but never use.

Cook your family a nice dinner instead of taking them out to Dennys.

Before you know it, that small wad of bills has grown… and now you can look at a used gun that is a nice high quality one.

Now, drag your now happy ass down to the gun store and see what they have got in since your last trip.

Look at the used guns, the trade ins.

Notice the Glocks, Rugers, S&Ws.
Also notice they they are usually selling for a bit less than the new ones.

These are still good guns.

They have a lot of life left in them, there is one in there that is eager to go home with you and take up protection duty for your family.

Get one you can afford the ammo for… so you will be willing and able to practice.

The price of your pistol should be nothing compared to the cost of the ammo you are going to run thru it.

Think a little, plan, save… buy quality.

In the long run you will be happier, not regretting your purchase, not pissing everyone off by trying to trade your piece of crap for their good gun… and you and your family will be safer.


And I wont rage everytime I witness you doing that crap.





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