Pistols with and without safeties.

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are people, knowledgeable, respected, wise people who deem any handgun with any manual safety features as “not appropriate for carry”.

Now, I am not some world famous trainer… but I honestly dont see what the hulabaloo is about a handgun with a safety.

I have only in the past couple of years owned any semi auto handguns without safeties.

This means that I have a couple of decades of training with manipulating a safety.

Now, this is not to say that it will take YOU 20 years to become proficient with the ultra difficult to master and dreaded manual safety.

In fact, you can get started on the path of safety manipulation as soon as you get home with the difficult to use device.

As long as you have thumbs, this is important to note.
Handgunners with thumbs do much better when shooting pistols with safeties than do handgunners without thumbs.

I own cats, they do not have thumbs… so I have no worries about them accidentally firing one of my pistols with safeties.

I am not so comfortable with the thought of them around my Glock.
Its trigger is fairly light, they have yet to fire my Kel Tec P11 however.

Now, the traditional beef these people have with the manual or “thumb” safety… is that in a moment of stress you may forget to disengage it.

Now, I dont know about you… but I dont shoot unless I have attained my proper firing grip.

For me, that grip has me holding down the safety with my thumb, which I have since I am not a cat.

Draw, finger outside of the trigger guard… thumb resting on safety.

Pull up on target, tighten grip… thumb presses down safety.

Ready to fire, finger on trigger.

Interestingly enough, this is how I train with my glock… which has no thumb safety.

I have the same draw with any handgun I carry.

It keeps the muscle memory the same, whether I am drawing a 1911 or a glock, or picking up a random handgun off of the ground.

I am leaving pistols with decockers out of this as they are an abomination.
However, train with those too if you get a chance.
NEVER pass up a chance to train with almost any handgun you can get your mitts on.

Now, there are people who have had negligent discharges with their firearms that I think could have been EASILY avoided.

people who claim to have gotten articles of clothing in the trigger guard… or had soft mushy holsters get in there.
Or somehow holstering with their finger STILL ON THE TRIGGER.

That irritating and unsafe thumb safety would have stopped that round from going off if it were there and had been engaged.

“But Jim… Tex Grebner shot himself in the leg with a 1911!”

Yea, and Tex is a moron.

He disengaged the safety while clearing the holster with his pistol and slapped the trigger as soon as it was clear.

That was a couple of inches from potentially being a Darwin Award.
It is also something one of my cats might do, and that is why the safety stays on.

Dont discount a damn good carry pistol because it has a safety.
Just train with what you carry.
It costs NOTHING to practice your draw at home with an unloaded pistol.
A half hour a night for a week is a good start.

And no matter what pistol you carry… practice your draw and presentation.

Dont fear or malign the safety, you miss out on some damn good guns that way.

But just remember… keep ALL guns away from your cats, they are devious.





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