Stop your damn panic buying.

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


I have been closely watching the price of guns and ammo since the election, and especially since the CT school shooting.

You guys are going frigging nuts out there.

It has been one of my personal rules, dont over pay on a gun unless it is something you have wanted forever and finally found it.

Now, ARs and AKs have been for sale EVERYWHERE for a long damn time.

You didnt buy one… because having one REALLY didnt matter much to you.

Now, there is a slight threat on the horizon… unless you live in NYS… that they may be going bye bye, and you guys lost your damn minds.

A rifle that you could have picked up for $600-700 3 months ago is now hitting the $2,000 point.

The ammo that was under $10 a box is now over twice that in places.
Hell, I have seen 7.62x54R for a buck a round.

That shit is crazy, I have bought that for under $5 for 20 rounds.

Now… the people buying now are generally not the serious gunners, these people already have pretty much what they wanted… and decided to grab some ammo, accessories, reloading components .. magazines, maybe some more lowers.
If they found them at a good price.

Well, for most people… that good price point is WAY out of the window.

I have sources, and for personal use… I can generally get whatever I need.

So yea, I am not even in the same ball park as a panic.
I am almost looking at this as some strange sociology experiment.

I hit gun stores wherever I go… watch and listen to what is going on.

Check their stock and prices, see if the people are paying those prices… and moving on to the next one.

Like I said… people have lost their damn minds.

I saw a S&W M&P15-22, yes the .22LR version, sell for $1200. It was the last Evil Black Rifle that the store had… and a guy just HAD to have one.

Me, I am hoping that some good older less modern guns go up for sale to finance this buying frenzy.

I could use a market flooded with inexpensive lever actions, revolvers, 1911s…

Also, you NYS people… hit me up. I may know people that you can sell your now illegal firearms to.

I may actually get a cheap .30WCF lever action out of this madness yet.


But back on point, you people bitching about the prices are generally the ones at fault for the prices being where they are.
Buy what you want when it is sitting at cheap to average pricing.

I used to tell people that you wont over pay on a firearm, you will just buy it too early.

I am afraid you guys are the exception that proves the rule.

Yes, in general many firearms can appreciate in value over time.

However I am afraid that your grandchildren will be looking at you old receipts… and using that as an excuse for you to go into that nice home for the people in white coats to take care of you.

Anyone got a cheap lever gun for sale?
You may actually be able to buy ammo from your proceeds…




  1. “We’re panicking because things are bad!”
    “But things are bad because you’re panicking.”
    “That’s why we’re panicking!”
    Yeah, calm down. Ammo’s not going anywhere for a long while. Take a deep breath and relax.

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