Caryn Evolves

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi, my name is Jim… and I am a Gun Whore.

I have a list of guns I want… well, more of a small novella.

I am a gunny and I LOVE guns.

Watching for new offerings, handling, shooting, researching… this is my relaxation.

I have a slew of carry guns, a gun for every situation.

What do gun manufacturers dream about? People like me.

Caryn, my wife, not so much.

Where I have likes and dislikes, I can still work and deal with shooting pretty much anything.

She is the opposite. Her carry guns have to be just right, and there is not a damn thing wrong with that.

You carry a gun to protect the lives of your family and yourself, being as happy and comfortable with that as you can be is top priority.

Caryn has been shooting handguns about 6 years, has owned a pistol for herself about 5.

In that amount of time I have been thru 3 S&W 629s, S&W 21, S&W 22, Astra Terminator, Taurus 445, Star Modelo Super, RIA Match, RIA Tactical, 2 Detonics Combat Masters, S&W M&P45, Kel Tec P11, Kel Tec P3AT, and a Glock 20.

Not sure if that is the full list, but it is the list of what I have carried off the top of my head.

Caryn learned to shoot a handgun with my 6″ 629 .44 Magnum. Yea I know… EXCELLENT choice for a novice.

Her first handgun was a Ruger GP100 4″, it was a range gun mostly.

From that she moved to a 1911 compact/officers type.

And that is it. If she likes a gun she likes it, if she doesnt… it is not a consideration.

Trust me, she LIKES very damn few.

So yea… in 6 years she found 2 handguns that she like enough to own and carry.

Until last week. 

We were at a LGS just looking around… seeing what they still had, talking with customers and potential customers, chatting up the counter personnel.

To her credit, even tho she is ultra choosy… and has what she likes/wants, she still looks at the offerings under the glass.

While semi auto rifles with 20+ capacity mags are the main focus of the current panic buying, handguns are flying off the shelves at a brisk pace also.

She looked at a couple and really didn’t find anything she cared for, then the salesman handed her a Blue Gun from the shelf behind the counter.

It was a S&W Shield dummy gun.

My wife looked at me, and the look on her face conveyed the message that “This is it!”

Now, let me back track a little here.

Caryn has small hands, as in… she shops for gloves in the children’s department.

Yea, I taught her handgunning on a .44 magnum with factory target grips.

Yea, I am an asshole.

While she has small hands, and you would think that there are hundreds of small guns out there that would be great… that really isnt the case.

You see, she likes a full 5 fingered grip… no pinky dangling, and no pinky half on the grip.

So, the stubby grip guns have to have a pinky extension.

YAY!!! Problem solved!!!


Under recoil, most pinky extensions pinch the hell out of her finger.

So, we are always shopping for that Goldilocks gun.

Not to short, not too thick, not too textured, not too smooth, not too girly…

As you have surmised by now, that gun is damn hard to find.

We have gotten close a few times, she likes the M&P series from S&W… but they have not been “just right”.

Well… when she wrapped her hands around that Blue Gun, I could tell that she may have found “Just Right”.

“Do you have any of these in stock?!”


The last one they had in was 3 months or so ago.

Slightly crestfallen, but we now knew what to keep our eyes open for.

Since their introduction almost a year ago, gun shops have not been able to keep these things on the shelves… and many keep waiting lists of people looking for them.
So, when they get them in, they still dont hit the shelves.

With the understanding that we had a project, find a shield AT LIST PRICE… yea, I have seen these $400-450 guns sell for over a grand on gun  auction sites, we moved down to look at the long guns.

Today was our lucky day, they also had a Marlin 336Y on the rack.

The Marlin 336Y Spikehorn is a youth model .30-30, 16.25″ barrel and an inch shorter stock.

She tries it and it fits her perfectly, yes… 2 Goldilocks guns in 1 day.

So, Caryn asks to put the .30WCF rifle on layaway.

She is also the practical one.
Where I am all “NEW GUN GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!”, she likes to weigh things out… like “Will we be able to buy food till the next paycheck shows up”.

She is funny like that.

Our salesman trots to the back to get the box for the Marlin while we discuss the fact that she may have found her new carry pistol… if we can ever lay hands on one.

Out he comes with the Marlin box, and a smaller box.

He places the smaller box in front of her and opens the lid… peels back the wrapping.

There lies a shiny black M&P Shield.

Caryn reaches down and lifts it up, and it is still cold from coming out of the shippers truck.

Magazine out, racks the slide, puts sights on a target.

“Can we put this one on layaway also?”


Only 1 gun per person on layaway.

“OK, we will just buy this one then.”

I tell you, I damn near passed out in the floor.

My lovely wife had just made her first impulse pistol purchase.

The heavens opened up, light shined down, and I do believe that I heard Angels singing.

She was one of US!

While she was filling out the paperwork I ran over and grabbed one of the only boxes of 9mm that the store still had on the shelf.

Up to the front, payment made, out to the truck, and down the road.

Caryn reaches in the bag and pulls out the ammo, “You DO realize you bought 9mm?”

No… I am an idiot and just grabbed the first shiny box that grabbed my attention. Yea right, I made sure I grabbed some Critical Duty… I make sure our carry ammo is good quality.

“Yep, sure do.”

“Ummm… I bought a .40”

Now, if the Shield is rare as hens teeth… the Shield .40 is like Sasquatch.

People say that they have seen them, there are even grainy pictures on line of people claiming to have gotten proof that they exist, but try and find one in captivity.

I let out a deep sigh and rest my head on the steering wheel, at 50 mph this tends to bother my wife.

I know that the shop by our house has a pile of .40… and the place we left had NONE.
I can use the 9mm in the P11 anyway.

We get home, I take it apart, clean out the shipping oil and Slipstream it.

This is a NICE little gun, small, flat, light… but still big enough for a good grip on it.

The next day at the range confirmed that she had made a good purchase.

Accurate, and not really snappy… even in .40 caliber.
This surprised me, I know many people who complain about the .40 even in full sized pistols.
Then again, I taught her to shoot with a .44 Magnum. ASSHOLE!!!

I like her new gun.

How much? I just made trade arrangements to swap my M&P45 for a Shield 9.

The S&W Shield is about as close to the perfect carry gun as I have found.

Now, I am not talking pocket guns… those are a different class.
The grip on the shield is too long for many to pocket carry it in jeans or slacks.
In cargos or other looser pants, you should have a lot better luck with it.

So yea, Caryn now has her first .40, her first polymer gun, her first striker fired gun, and most importantly… her first impulse pistol purchase.

I am SO proud of her.

As an aside, the bills will still be paid, everyone in the family will still get regular meals.

I still have work to do on that front.





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