The Ride

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have mentioned this before.

For the past 20 years or so I have had this ride planned.

Ride coast to coast across this great nation on US Route 50.

My father and I planned to do this when I was a younger man, however cancer took him from us all too soon.

This ride will be my tribute to him, The Doug Jones Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Bike Run.

Over 3,000 miles of camaraderie and a lifetime of memories.

The ride will start in Ocean City Md, stay the night in a beach front motel… watch the sun come up, and head west.

It will end in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf… watching the fog roll in.

I would love for my friends, and friends of my father, to join in and ride for whatever section you can.

Disregard the NY portion of this… I will not be going to New York ever again if I can help it.

This will be some good off the interstate riding.

Stops for food in mom and pop eateries, video shot from the bikes and from hand helds at the stops, and as little of the dreaded Superslab as possible.

As a gunny, the route poses a problem for me. It travels some Enemy Territory.

I must figure out how to deal with this.

But… all of my friends and my Fathers friends are invited to come along.

This invite extends to cancer survivors and their loved ones, vets and current armed forces, Oath Keepers, and lovers of Country and Liberty.

You are the people of my Father and myself.

So, if you would like to put 2 wheels rolling for the memory of a Good Man… you are welcome to ride along.

There is no grand plan, no goal, and currently no charitable attachments to this.

If a few people want to chip in a few bucks I am sure we can decide on a damn good cause to give it to.

But this is about The Ride.

A few days where nothing matters but the wind, the road, the bikes, and the Brotherhood.

It isnt really the final destination or starting point that matters, it is the time spent in the middle.

As I figure things out and make plans I will update this blog.

So, subscribe if you are interested… and if you want ignore the rambling thoughts I post here in between updates.

Or not, you may get entertained while waiting.

Thanks for the time and the read… and I hope to see you mounted up and ready to head west.




  1. Will cars be allowed as well as bikes?

  2. Evil One says:

    I am not going to to exclude anyone who wants in, but cars would more than likely have to make up the tail end… not good to mix them into the pack.

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