It is an interesting time around the house…

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Over the winter, I bought my buddy George Hill’s motorcycle.
A 1993 Kawasaki ZX1100C4. 
See his write up on it here.
Since then he has taken a position at G-Code holsters, his official position is Minister of AWESOME or something like that.

He saw fit to bring the bike out on his trip from out west and drop it off for me.
HUGE thanks for that kick ass act.

It was great seeing George and his participation in populating the world with people who are Good and Right.
Yea, he had a couple of his boys with him. Great guys… funny as hell.

This was not my first motorcycle, FAR from it. I have many thousands of miles under my belt.

The last bike I put serious miles on was my 1989 Suzuki Katana with the 1100 motor swap.
Great sport touring bike with an engine that hit like the Hammer of Thor.
This was back in the mid 90s.

I have ridden a few between then and now, but not what I would call serious seat time.

For the ride from the motel where I picked it up to the house I marveled at how heavy it felt and steered… like a truck with a bad power steering pump.

I knew that it was over tired… a size too big on the rear, and that can slow down the steering, but DAMN.

The next day I cleaned the dirt from the trip out from Utah off of it and rode it into town to have breakfast with George.
On the trip back home, it didnt feel as heavy.
I had put a few more miles on it before I left for work this morning… and honestly, it doesnt feel like the same bike.

Nothing about it has changed tho.
What happened?
I relaxed and listened to the bike.
Nothing more.
Relax, loosen the grip on the bars, Tell it where you want it to go and nudge it.
Move around on it a bit, be a riding partner for the bike.

THEN she becomes fun.

I have only had her in my possession for a few days but I love it.

The Z is 20 years old this year, thats like 97 years old in sport bike years.
Luckily, time has been kind to the big Zed, it has accepted its role as Grand Tourer with a smile.
It is a road eater of Epic proportions.

However… I am a junky.
Thats not far from the truth, I have an addictive personality… and if something is good I need more.
Motorcycles rank right up there with booze and sex for me.
I feel that I need something lighter and smaller without a nuclear reactor between the wheels… so I find myself looking at good all around bikes.
Short interstate runs, back roads, fire roads, jeep trails, cow paths…
A big dual purpose bike.
After I get that I will NEED a bike for 2 up trips with the wife.
Then maybe a muscular naked bike for whatever… and then… and then…
You understand.

Now, I know ME… and i KNEW this would happen.

What has shocked and delighted me is that my dear wife has taken an interest in motorcycles.
Yes, the woman I have had trouble even sitting on the back of one in a showroom for years is actively seeking out her own motorcycle and will be taking the MSF beginners course this summer.
Like I said, shocked and delighted.
I also have to say that she has AMAZING taste in bikes.
Topping her list right now is the new KTM 690 Duke.
A Hooligan bike beyond compare. Yea, its like that!

This is a bike that goes out… spits on the sidewalk, burps and farts in mixed company… tells dirty jokes around proper ladies…
It is a brilliant Hoon machine.

However, it is LIGHT, 350ish lbs.
Low seat height, 3 power modes in the ECU.
A surprisingly good learners machine… and one that advances with you.

I am looking forward to what the future brings in our motorcycling life.
She knows I will be borrowing her bike from time to time…if it DOES happen to be the Duke.
She wont be wring it out, and well… it needs that from time to time.

It is only the middle of May, and it is already a great year… I am looking forward to the rest of it.


RIde On.





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