Yet another trade…

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I posted a while back that I had gotten myself a Glock 20 10mm.

The gun was great, powerhouse but easy to shoot.

About the only thing that it didnt do well was conceal.

In my day to day life now, I have to think a lot more about concealment than I used to.

Currently I am living in SC and there is no open carry here.

The G20, even in a SF model, is a tank of a pistol.

Big, bulky, and blocky… so it rode as a truck gun for a while.

I have a few guns that can be truck guns, this is a big fighting gun.

So… I do what I do when I have a carry gun that I am not carrying.

I traded it.

For what? Well, for the handgun that people that I have much respect for in the gun training and gun use world carry.

I got myself a Glock 23 .40 S&W Gen4.

Yea, I now have owned 2 Glocks… and a total of 5 poly pistols. My how times have changed.

Wont be going into great detail on it, anyone reading this more than likely knows all about Glocks… and this one is bone stock, other than polishing some of the metal trigger parts and a few drops of Slipstream.

But, since I have a picture I will put it up.

You want a better picture google it, there are millions of pics out there.

We spent the 4th of July with our friends Louis and George… and Georges wonderful family.

While there George took me to try out the new pistol, I like it… I like it a LOT.

I may have to renounce my Glock hating ways.

From standard encounter range I was in the stop zone, in the pump or in the brainpan were no problem.

Currently I am still carrying the RIA CCO from my last post.

I have a great holster for it, can hit where I want… and well, I dont have a good holster for the G23 yet.

George is working for G-Code holsters now, and I like to support friends when I can also get a good product.
So, I will be getting an Incog for this pistol.

When that happens I will transfer over to Glock carry, I grudgingly have to admit that the idea of a gun that I dont worry over my toxic sweat rusting apart appeals to me.

And if I did have to use it in defense… I can easily get a replacement while waiting to get it back from the authorities.

Now… to get to a class and learn to properly “Run the Gun”.





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