Zimmerman Verdict

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Over the weekend the jury gave its verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Mr Zimmerman was found Not Guilty on all charges brought before him.

And people lost their damn minds.

Everyone is suddenly a law expert, of course they are letting their emotions set what their version of the law is.

Hey, I am a father. I have 3 boys I am proud to call my sons… 19, 17, and 16. So yea… right at Trayvon Martins age range.

I have heard a few times… “WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR SON?!”.

Now, I love my kids. I like to think that they know right from wrong.

I also know that they are their own people and will follow their own path.

If they were involved in a situation exactly like the case that was just settled… I would mourn for my son.

However, from the evidence that was submitted… and from things that were discovered and NOT allowed, I would not call for action against the person that pulled the trigger.

Bad things happen to people, sometimes it is because you make bad decisions.

I dont see 17 years old as a child… as many seem to.

At 17 you can have your parents sign for you and become one of our Fighting men and women.
You can go into training to serve in the military of this great nation.

That is not the job of a child.

One of my sons is 17, he is not a child. He is a young man ready to go out and hit life head on.

Instead of raging about the verdict and calling for more violence… why not talk to your children and friends.

Help them make good decisions… attacking people who are following you is NOT a good decision.
Call out to that person, see what they want.

In my job I have worked in many different neighborhoods.

I have been observed and followed many times.

Call out and explain who you are, what you are doing.

Yes, be ready… in case your follower has ill intent in mind.

There is a good chance that this whole even could have been stopped by one of the 2 involved just calling out to the other… “Hey, what are you doing around here?” “Hey, why are you following me?”

Interact from a safe distance. Your first response shouldnt be to swing on another person or pull out a weapon.

Be READY to use whatever means you need… but dont do it as a first resort.

Of all the weapons out there… your mind is the first one to use.


Stay safe,





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