Have you given up on your 1911s?

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have received this question a few times.

Since my teens I have been a 1911 guy.

I am one of the guys who could be accused of praying at the alter of John Moses Browning.

However, lately my firearms purchases have strayed from that pass.

No, I hold the 1911 in no less regard than I ever have. I just have admitted to myself that there are other handguns out there.

I LOVE a good steak, but I also like other foods.

To deny yourself is a sad thing.

My 1911s are now a little off the beaten path, if I had to use one to defend myself or my family it would be confiscated by the authorities.
Even if I get it back, it will possibly have case info etched into the steel.

They are also guns that you dont run down to the local gun store and replace.

My Glock, that IS something I can replace anytime I feel like.
In fact, I may get another as a back up… you know, just in case.

These poly guns tend to cost less and well… honestly are a little more forgiving.

Parts for them are also drop in.

They have no soul, but they shoot well and so far have gone BANG anytime I have pulled the trigger.

Soul is a wonderful thing… but it wont save your life.

So, there you have it, I have NOT given up on my 1911s… if anything I may accumulate more in the future.

But, I HAVE added more tools to the toolbox.

And as any wrench bender will tell you, having the right tool for the job makes your day go a lot smoother.





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