Yet another job change.

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Almost 2 months ago I changed companies, as a telecom contractor this is a regular thing.

You go where the work is, where the pay is, and where the Respect is.

With the last company, I was not getting that last one.

Right about the time I was getting fed up with the lack of Respect, a company I worked for in the past… and have a VERY good relationship with… called me up and asked how things were going.

They had a non traveling position in the middle of nowhere southern SC, and they had trouble keeping people on the job… because it was in the middle of nowhere.

Now, I am a guy who likes being away from masses of population.
I see no problem with having a half hour drive to get to a town with some shopping and fast food.

It saves me money and may help with waistline control.

I have not had a non traveling job in oh… about 5 years.

This should give me the chance to have a “normal” family life again… and I have been missing that.

I am used to getting home every couple of weeks, but it doesnt mean that I like it.

However, a man has to do things he doesnt care for sometimes to support his family.

So, yea… to do that I am in a small town, 2,000ish people, living in a motel a mile from my job site.

It is a small cheap place, but it is clean and people dont bother me.

That is high up on my list for motels.
If I dont want service I put out a note and I get left alone.
Everyone there speaks English… or a version of it.

But, I want my family with me… and it is a goal I am shooting for.

With any luck I should have it in a couple of months.

So yea, that is what is going on.

New/old company, no company truck, no gas card, no credit card… no reimbursements…

But I am happy.

I am appreciated, interact with the same people in the same office, and get to build up a relationship with coworkers… not just cycle a helper thru every couple of weeks.

I am happy and content. I am in my kind of area and should have my family with me before too long.

Life is good.




  1. George Hill says:

    Awesome. Life is about to get a lot better.

  2. Daniel C says:

    Awesome man

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