And so goes the night…

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Like many people, from time to time I find myself on the night shift.

With my job it isn’t uncommon to work a couple of shifts the same day, but for the past couple of months… most of my time at work has been on the night shift.

Now, I am not complaining here. 3rd shift here is as laid back as you will find in a big company.

As long as my work gets done… No Worries Mon!

But I do get a bit of free time. I don’t have to worry about finding busy work so it doesn’t look like I am slacking off.

Like I said, as long as my work is up to date… everyone is happy.

This gives me a bit of time to sit outside and enjoy the night.
Or, do the brakes on my truck, change out a bad tire, catch up on youtube vids… you get the picture.

The nights here are usually quiet, in a town of 2,000 or so people this is not a surprise.
Now and then there is a group of youths walking around being loud, or a drunk out stumbling around.

The other night it seemed like every emergency vehicle in the county went blasting by in the middle of the night.

My coworkers and I proceeded outside to see if we could find out what the festivities were.

Initial report was 2 guys were out riding around and got hit by a train.

Video from the train shows that the car was parked on the tracks to be hit… one guy climbed into the car when the train came to a stop… guy number 2 laid out next to the track like he was ejected from the car.

I know what you are thinking… if a couple of guys were in a car hit by a train, would they be a bit banged up?

Yea, that is what I was thinking also.

Here is the kicker… the car was stolen..

Now, I dunno about you… but if I were to try and stage an accident and “presumably” profit from the RR insurance, I don’t think I would use a stolen vehicle.

I would also possibly try and look like I had actually been IN the car when it was hit.

Sometimes I think people get dumber by the day.

Now, this is just local scuttlebutt. I don’t have any proof at the moment.

But, after interacting with many of the locals… I can believe it.

My money is on Lil Wayne playing in the car when it was struck.
Only way to drop the IQ down enough to make this plan seem like a good idea.

Now, back out into the night.
The children of the night… what music they make.
“Imma tell you WUT bitch… I even SEE you lookin at my man and you gonna go home without yo weave!”

My immersion in Culture continues…





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