Getting there…

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am a Traveler.

For me, the trip is OH so much more important than the destination.

I like traveling by car and truck, especially if I can avoid the interstate and run the 2 lanes thru the back country.

I dislike commercial airline travel, it bypasses my actual traveling and deposits me at my destination.

Now, travel by motorcycle… THAT is where it is at.

Rolling thru the countryside and actually experiencing the place and time that you are at.

I have a motorcycle, a big black rocketship of a ZX11.

But I am actually having second thoughts on it being the “right” bike for traveling.

It eats up huge slabs of interstate, and doesnt do a bad job of hustling thru the 2 lanes.

This country is not just paved byways… and off of those paved roads are some of the most amazing sights that you will ever see.

I have been watching a lot of world touring videos… deserts, dunes, tropical marshlands, towering mountains, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, amazing rock formations, different cultures, and a wide variety of people.

For a traveler… it calls to you.

Here is where I am lucky, I can experience all of these things without needing a passport or crossing an international border crossing.

This great nation has all of that and more.

You want to drive just the border of the country? You will have gone well over 10,000 miles. At an easy exploration pace of 300 miles a day of smelling the roses… that is a nice chunk of time.

Fancy some dirt under your wheels?
The Trans America Trail will give you a 5,000 mile run.

For seeing this country… for REALLY seeing this country, you dont need a 2 wheeled Hondabago, you need something manageable… that can handle all kinds of terrain and conditions.

Go out and look at a dual sport, an enduro, an adventure bike.

Save up your Starbucks money, skip buying that pack of smokes, brown bag it for lunch.

Buy a tent and some riding clothes, hop on that tall bike with the aggressive tires… and hit the road.

Shoot pictures and video, you will want something to show those who can’t bring themselves to try it.
You also want something to help tempt your children and grand children to ride with you on future trips.

As great as traveling is… it is even better when you have people to share the experience with.





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