It clears your mind

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I went out for a ride.

It was just under 60 degrees and raining.

I put a little over 200 miles on the bike, most of it in the wet.

A lot of riders that I know hate riding in the rain, hate it with a passion.

Me, I dont really mind it.

With some decent gear and on the right bike, i barely mind it at all.

One of the entertaining parts of wet weather riding is the looks you get from people in enclosed vehicles and from clerks at stores.

Most people in cars are upset and inconvenienced that they have to go from a building to their car and may get wet… you are out there riding in it, YOU must have some sort of mental defect.

That is possible, but nothing showed up in the testing.

You have to pay attention, which you should be doing anyway, but wet rides bring me personal entertainment.

I may be slightly simple, but I like to watch the reaction to the rain on my shield as I move my head in the windstream.

Low Buck wind tunnel!!!

The wind, rain, exhaust… it is a blend of sounds that make my troubles seem to go away.

I was irritated yesterday, when I got back I was all smiles… a little damp, but smiling anyway.

At one point, as a novice rider, I honestly feared the rain.

That changed when my father and I got caught riding from Ga to Mo by Hurricane Andrew.

Deep standing water on the roads, high winds.

Stupid to ride in? YEP.

However it is still one of the fondest memories I hold of my dad and me.

It also broke me of having issues about riding in the wet.

Tires… I will never buy tires for a road bike that are not good rain tires.

You can ride wet weather tires in the dry, but I dont advise dedicated “good weather” tires in the wet… just dont do it.

A fairing of some kind is nice, but you dont have to have one… eventually you will slow and stop, and you will get wet anyway.

I may have to plan a trip during the rainy season and record it.

Me yammering away and singing in my helmet as Noah leads the animals into his Ark.

There may be 4-5 people out there that would watch that.





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