It has been 10 months…

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Since my last blog post.
A bit has changed, jobs, companies, states of residence.
I spent a couple of months up in New England, and now am down in the Birmingham Alabama area.
The Mighty DR has become my commuter vehicle, and should remain as such thru the end of the year.
I have to say, a motorcycle for commuting is a wonderful thing.
However commuting on the interstate blows goats for quarters.
In general, I hate the interstate… no matter what I am behind the wheel/bars of.
It is great for rapidly getting you from point A to point B… unless it is “rush” hour.
Then you are sitting in a slow moving parking lot with a lot of angry and impatient people in multi ton battering rams that tend to not notice the guy on the bike.
My current assignment is in downtown Birmingham, and I finally found a route that keeps me mostly off of the superslab and allows me a peaceful ride on the 2 lane roads.
Using a bike as a main vehicle instead of a weekend toy is a mind shift.
My commute is between 40 minutes and an hour depending on traffic, Generally thru 35 mph zones.
No matter the posted speed limit… it is 35 on average in actual use.
I cant imagine using some high strung bike that runs 70 mph in 1st gear for this duty… I would weep for its clutch.
I keep clothes at work, commute in my riding gear… since I dont have over gear yet, the over gear is planned.
It seems that people in full gear is still a strange site to people.
Not track leathers… just standard gear, textile and mesh jacket and pants, helmet, gloves, and boots.
Most people I have seen seem to prefer shorts, sneakers, and a T shirt.
I prefer to not have skin grafts.
Being around B’Ham is great, I have been to Barber twice… YOU need to go also.
There are a lot of bikes running around, a byproduct of being in the south.
It is October 22, and overall still too warm for my Transition 3 jacket.
I am not complaining.
With any luck I will be able to spend more time in this area… especially since I moved the RV down here with my family.
A household which is gaining an additional member when my son arrives in 2 days.
Nic, who is 18, has an interest in 2 wheeling it… with any luck I will be able to get him trained up and commuting as it should be done.
He has the ability, I just need to get him settled down a touch… he has already drug the sidestand of the DR cornering in a parking lot.
I am still cringing.

Life is good and only getting better… expect more timely updates.

Keep the greasy side down.


  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Commuting by bike on Freeways and major Highways kinda suck since the protection is only in lane-splitting which is not done everywhere and often misunderstood. I liked commuting (for a while) on an XR650L because it was so damn tall I could look-over the car-roofs to see what was up ahead. But after witnessing a couple pretty bad accidents first-hand from the saddle, I decided the truck was just safer…especially in Silicon Valley traffic with a lot of foreign and inexperienced drivers.

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