Still rolling 2 wheels into Birmingham

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

A continuation of last months post…
Nic has officially moved in and is working every hour he can get.

Looks like that with an exception of a week or so, I will be working a job here well into January.
Since I am working in one spot and not having to transport much other than myself and the contents of my computer bag… I have been commuting on the DR650.
While I have ridden a bit in the past few years… this is the first time I have actually commuted on 2 wheels in over 18 years.
I am taking this chance to get her set up for some weekend touring and maybe some adventure riding.
Ebay has supplied me with a couple of Wolfman tank bags, one is their original Explorer bag from 1998… yea, 16 years old and still going strong.
Wolfman,, makes some of the best ADV luggage out there.
The Mighty DR ready to roll.
She also has a fresh set of Shinko 244 tires front and rear, these are an inexpensive and rugged on/off road tire.
The difference is astounding, the Skinko 705 on front was old and starting to crack… the Dunlop D607 was just worn out.
The handling is OH so much better on the road, and I can actually take it on less stable surfaces without feeling like it is going to go tits up at any moment.
Last week I watched the odometer roll over 19,000 miles… not bad considering that she turns 22 years young this month.
Personally, I am loving commuting on 2 wheels again.
Weekend trips are great, but it makes me feel like the bike is more of a toy.
Having one for daily transportation… that is what it is about.
But I still plan on making a weekend getaway some time, just have to figure out where and when.

A 2 up bike is still in the cards, so Caryn and I are still searching for the right one.
I must say… I enjoy the search.
What has shocked me, is one bike that has entered the running.
The BMW F800S, which has an AMAZINGLY comfortable seat for your Tail Gunner of choice.
The Commanders perch is damn nice also.

Now… to see if I can raise the suspension and spoon on some gnarly knobbed rubber.


  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Nice ride! I liked Pirelli MT21’s on my DP bike, but I’m not sure what’s best nowadays. When the rear-tire contact patch is leaned-over, the side blocks squeeze against the semi-side blocks and kinda make a continuous band of rubber. Stay safe!

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