Today was a wrench day

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized


Getting dirty was the theme for today.

My son’s DR650 has not been getting much seat time.

To say that it is recalcitrant is an understatement.

Like mine, his is a kickstart only model… a year older, 1992.

When we picked it up, the kick lever had been snapped off.

Yes, broken right off at the knuckle where it went on the shaft going into the case.

The reason this happened?

The compression release was not… well… wasn’t releasing the compression.

So, you could pretty much stand on the kicker with little effect.

The previous owner broke this chunk of iron… I assume by jumping on it.

Soon after picking it up I put a brand new… and I wonder how someone had this obsolete piece in stock… lever.

Being as I am now familiar with old and hateful kickstart bikes… I could usually fire it up.

Nic… not so much.

To troubleshoot, I swapped my decompression parts over… and had no change it its behavior.

GREAT… something is screwed up inside the engine.

Here is where I confess to not being a motorcycle mechanic.

Yes, I know my way around the average internal combustion engine…  but have never had to deal with something as archaic as a machine that you have to bleed off cylinder pressure so you can use your own personal people power to get it running.

After putting tool to engine… I shouldnt have worried.

This looks to be one of the easier beasties to wrench on that I have cracked open.

The decompressor works by cracking the exhaust valves open while you kick it, a raised section on the rocker gets pushed on by the decompression shaft.
Cylinder pressure bleeds off letting you actually get the crank spinning before it fires.

So, I needed to replace the exhaust rocker.



Pull the valve cover… rocker cover, cam cover… whatever you want to call it… and the rockers come off with it.


Pull the exhaust rocker shaft out, rocker falls out.

Put new rocker in place, push shaft into place, tighten retainer bolt.

Apply sealant, pop cover back on, adjust valves.

While I had the tools out, I replaced his nonfunctioning choke… Yes, I know that it is an enrichment circuit… with a pull knob type.

No lever and cable to fail later.

Within 5 minutes of tightening the last bolt… we had a running bike.

A week or so ago I replaced the rear brake fluid reservoir… so it was actually a running… riding… stopping bike.

Hopefully he can get some use out of it now.

While the tools were out, I decided to mount my custom Road Toad holder… see picture at top of post.

OK… it isnt an amphibian detainment device.

It is a Ram Mount with X grip to hold my phone.

I use the phone as a GPS, and it is easier to do that when it isnt in my pocket.

Oh yea, I also picked up a receiver mount motorcycle carrier for the truck.

Not enough room for 2 bikes in the bed, and I think I am taking the DR up to the northeast in a week or so when I head up on assignment.

So yea… semi productive day.


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