Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yes, another post triggered by the new motorcycle.

While the DR650 is down on power compared to the bikes I have owned since my teens, like I mentioned before… I am not missing it.

Something I am really liking is the simplicity.

1 carb, 1 cam, 4 valves… if needed, easy engine rebuild in the chassis.
Hell, if you want, you can punch a ’96 or newer DR650 out to almost 800ccs.

The kickstart is something I am really warming up to.

No, it is not as easy as flipping the choke, punching a button, and letting it warm up then riding away.

It makes me feel more connected to it.
Joe Blow is not going to walk up to this bike, start it… and ride it off.
It makes this bike MINE.
I go out and fire it up sometimes just to do it.

There will be some upgrades to it in the future.

Forks, shock, carb…

This thing is fun… F U N
I wouldnt mind another one or two of them.

The fact that I can do a major service to it and it takes an hour or so blows my mind.
No measuring shims and swapping them out, no synching a bank of carbs.

I can grow to appreciate the simpler things…




  1. Jay says:


    I have a 92 DR that the PO recently spent over $1200 on mechanical items. It looks rough but I am hoping to put some lipstick on it soon. (I got here by reading your “Lipstick on a Pig” post on )

    Anyway, your bike looks pristine!
    I also enjoyed reading a couple of your entries here.
    Jay in Indiana

  2. Evil One says:

    Thanks Jay!
    I lucked into this one, just had the tank and seat off of it… for the first time in 20 years.
    It is clean enough to ear off of the main tube.
    Glad you have enjoyed a couple of ramblings here. this is just kind of a place for me to dump out what has been building up in my brain.


  3. NotClauswitz says:

    One of the guys on Rec.Motorcycles.Dirt way-back in the 90’s when I spent a long time there was a German guy named Volker, who’s signature line was: “One Man, One Cylinder.” Lots to be said for that. Also I liked ’em a lot when I did the Press Intro for City Bike at Bass Lake, back in ’96(?) and rode them – but I’m long-legged and actually need a tall seat-height…

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