An excerpt…

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Zeke sat there, staring at the TV and rubbing his chin… thinking to himself.

I know some of this is real, but I really wonder just how far down the rabbit hole this all really goes.

Spectacular Tales, the show about people who say they can do some really cool and neat stuff, was just going off,

Zeke had seen and heard things in his 45 years on this planet, that he figured most others hadnt.

The cold spots, the voices, the things that moved with nobody else around.

And his heat and helping.

Daddy told him it was old magic, white magic, country magic.

Cuts healed quicker, as did broken broken bones.

This was a reason he joined the Navy and became a corpsman, nobody questioned when he did a good job on the wounded.

It was hot over there, people didnt realize the boost in his body temp while healing… even tho it made him glow in that scope.

Rubbing his side, he pushed that memory out of his mind.

If folks like him and Daddy existed, what else out there was real?

Ghosts? Yea… he had experienced enough to know that they were out there.

Witches? Yep, there were a few of them out there… and a lot more that fancied themselves as such, but had no clue as to what a real witch was.

But what about the big bad beasties?
Were there really vampires, werecreatures, and all of the assorted things you find in a horror movie?

Beau, the grey muzzled old shepherd, snuggled down beside him.
Nobody would ever get the old pups real age, if his memory was correct Beau would be 31 this fall.

Zeke rested his hand on Beau’s head and closed his eyes.
The warmth flowed between them, healing and love.
And with that warmth running, they fell asleep together.

It was a sharp and blasting bark that jolted him awake.
Beau was crouched down with his tug rope, front legs stretched out on the floor in front of him, hind end up in the air… tail just a going.

Zeke scooped up the rope and chucked it down the hallway, the pup was after it in a flash… nails skittering on the hardwood floor.

Even tho he had just woke up, Zeke was exhausted.
He always was after “one of those” naps with his best friend.

It always seemed to help, he thought as he unwrapped a bar of it.
This one was a bitter dark with some chili pepper in it.
A little strange, but rather tasty.

The big shepherd came blasting back into the room, trying desperately to stop in time.
But, to no avail… he crashed into the couch next to the man that he loved like no other.
He would have to get used to the speed and strength of youth yet again.
Not that he mined, he felt that the occasional rebirth did him good.

Hopping back up and stretching his legs, the old aches and pains were gone… and he couldnt help himself, as he blasted thru the old house and out the back door.

He was a grown pup again, and Zeke didnt know what in life gave him more joy than that.




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