UJM post from below… yea, scratch that.

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back at the beginning of October I posted about motorcycle window shopping.

My lust for the naked… standard… UJM kind of bike.

I have a bike on the way.

It isnt a standard.

What it IS… is a Kawasaki ZX11.

The ZX11 came out when I was graduating high school, and I have lusted one since the first time I read about it in Cycle World and Motorcyclist.

After 22 years, I get my wish.
I have noticed a theme here… Delta Elite, Combat Master, ZX11.

All lusts of my youth, that I finally get to fulfill.

I am buying this bike from the one and only George Hill, The Mad Ogre.
http://madogre.com Get over there and read his stuff… this is a man that knows how to blog.

I concider George to be a good friend, and have been envying his bike since he got it… I may have also called him bad names in IM for having it instead of me having it.
If I didnt, I damn sure thought them.

You see, George and I have a few things in common.
The love of firearms, vehicles, freedom, family… and not in that order.
He is a Good man, in all senses of the word.
And, like me, he has abused himself since he gained the ability to do so.
My heart ached as I read about his fight to still ride this magnificent steed.


After a few conversations we worked out a deal on his bike.
Now… I wouldnt normally buy a used 20 year old sport bike located on the other side of the country, especially not having touched, say on, ridden it.
However George has these cool superpowers, they are called Honor, Integrity, and Honesty.
Things you dont find much anymore.
So… this spring I will be heading out to Utah, and riding from Vernal to South Carolina on it.
With ANY luck, I will be able to do a bit of riding with George.
I also hope to meet up with the Utah contingent  of We The Armed.
Dinner with those guys would make my day.

I am also looking forward to a cross country motorcycle trip, I have not done that since the mid 90s… when my father and I rode down to Ga for a family reunion… and rode back in Hurricane Andrew.
THAT is a whole separate blog post all to its own.
If George is able I would love to ride with him on at least part of it.
And when I am able to pull off my Highway 50 Sea to Shining Sea run, that my father and I planned to do before he passed away 10 years ago, he has a standing invitation to be my wingman on that run.

So yea… this post has turned out to be as much about a Good Man as it has about my new purchase.
But that it OK, I dont plan these or have an outline… I just type what I am thinking.

George, I will take good care of Shadowfax… and I thank you for the opportunity to do so.




  1. Ogre says:

    If you love the bike half as much as I have… it will move your soul.

  2. Evil One says:

    Soul… Heaven and Earth… Drivers license…

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